A New Make-up for Summer

Good morning cutie pies! As probably expected after the publication of the last "goodie" article, it was obvious that it would be followed by a beauty article - In this case a Dior beauty makeup, featuring one of their latest treasures and oh lord what a treasure...

As you may have read in the previous article, Dior is my favourite brand with Chanel and they just keep on surprising me! Not only did they create a new eyeliner but they also created a new way of applying eyeliner. I spoke about it briefly in my previous post when talking about the Dior Addict It-Line, but NOW is the real explanation! I am not usually a great makeup artist, I did become better than before but I still struggle a lot (A LOT!). I do my everyday makeup in not even 5 minutes as it involves only beiges and browns eye shadow, a dark pencil and mascara - Although, making this beautiful Dior makeup took me some time, especially the "apply of the eyeliner" part. It has to be the exact same for both eyes, a very fin dark line.. in short, complicated!

First step to make the Dior Addict It-Line make-up. This makeup has one and only purpose, show off your eyes! Because, what is there more beautiful than eyes? This is why we need to highlight them. It does maybe seem complicated to do but trust me if you catch the way of doing it, it's easy as pie! You only need three cosmetic products: 1. a black eyeliner 2. the Dior Addict It-Line eyeliner 3. Mascara - Yes, it's as simple as this. Now, let me explain - the base of the makeup is the black eyeliner that you need to start off with, see how it goes upwards when arriving at the tip of my eyes? That's called cat eyes (Sorry, most of you probably know it, just making sure). The trick about doing a cat eye right is precision and maybe a few cheats - Precision because it has to be a perfect line and cheats, well.. let's just say we could paint all our eyes black and we could still manage to get a cat eye.

Some of you guys probably do the same but here it is, that's my trick for making the line clean, fin and identical both sides. I close my eye and start applying the black eyeliner at the beginning of the eye lid, then all I do is follow the line till the end and keeping my eye close I continue drawing my line further on the side (Of course keeping it straight). Open your eye and that's it you have the shape of your cat eye, all that's left to do is blend in and define contours. I do the same for both eyes and once done, no it's not perfect and clean I do end up with a messy line not precise at all, that's when the second trick comes in. When you see that it is impossible for you to make it straight without making some turns on the way, well stop trying to be precise (because you obviously can't) and just go for the Q-tip. Adding a few drops of eye makeup remover and there you'll be able to define you're line as thick/fin you want it to be!

The second step is probably the easiest part after the mascara. For my colour eye liner I have the Purple It-Line from Dior, it's a colour that blends in so easily and not showy at all! Absolutely love it. Applying the colour eyeliner is very simple - This part of the makeup is about adding some colour and originality, it's a very fin line that you apply on top of the other (see picture 6). As the black eyeliner all you do is follow the line, this time not of the eye lid but of the previous eyeliner.

I wasn't sure about the colour at first, because I am not the kind of person that loves applying colours on her eyes, but I really wanted to try this makeup and with only this colour I didn't have much choice, but seeing it now it's just gorgeous! The discretion and impact it has is just incredible. Definitely a must buy my little chipmunks! Of course, you can also buy any brand of liquid eye liner, Don't feel forced to buy Dior. I hope it helped and interested you guys & that you will manage to rock this Dior Addict It-Line makeup. Let me know what you think about it, Kiss.

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