The other day, when meeting friends for diner I've been surprised like never and spoiled like a little brat, Literally. I'd like to thank again my mom's friend Isabelle for giving me such beautiful goodies! I couldn't believe my eyes, so much makeup products in one little bag...

THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER, the weather gets warmer, the sun sets later and we have to organise our closets to adapt to these changes. New season, new closet means also new makeup. So how to make the transition from winter to summer smoothly? Said this, I am happy to share with you guys some tips and tricks throughout this goodies post, so bare with me folks! It gets so warm sometimes during summer that It is very important to have the appropriate products to apply on the skin.

For me summer is also about adjusting my skin care routine to a lighter and more protectress product as the weather is much more harsh and that you have to protect your skin from the sun. Foundations, makeup and creams containing SPF becomes primary! If you guys are interested in what creams I use I will make a post soon about it, but for now let's stick to this makeup goodies post, shall we? As you can see in the pictures I am slightly crazy about Chanel products - from the foundation to the blush, passing by mascara and eyeshadows I literally live in Chanel. I do not buy this brand just for the name and fame, No! I use it because as I already told you guys I have a very sensitive skin and there is certain brands I just can't use. Luckily for me it doesn't include Chanel, but it does include Dior mascaras and others because of the fact that they are very strong, too strong for my little fragile eyes and skin. Talking about Chanel one of this summer's favourite is this Natural finish loose powder that unifies the appearance with a very natural sheer matt finish. Not good enough for you? What about if I tell you that it hides imperfections? You gotta love it now! So, I hope you guys will find interest and useful informations in this new goodies post and discover new products perfect for this sumer!

Eye shadows are the funniest and most interesting products in makeup, there is absolutely no limits to your creativity, you can choose whatever colour, darkness, texture and so on. As you can see my favorite brand for cosmetics is Chanel, they offer such a large range of colours and options that it becomes madness when entering the shop and having to choose. I am so happy about my three eyeshadows colours: Exaltation, Pulsion and Admiration, three perfect adjectives to define three perfect colours that give me so many ideas. 

I've always wanted a brown mascara to wear when wearing a nude makeup - discret, chic and lovely it gives such a natural look! This Kaki bronze mascara is the perfect light brown for these days where you don't want to wear a heavy makeup. Otherwise I can always go back to black with this Sublime de Chanel mascara that goes with every sort of dark, colourful, even light makeup.

You know when you are looking for this special fragrance that will define you and people will recognise you for? Ok, stay with me cause this one is a must! This Chanel Hair perfume is one of my favourite goodies for summer, light, delicate and with a delicious fresh smell I just can't get over it! It might not be your usual perfume, but what better than spread your fragrance by simply moving your hair? My hair is very important for me and when I discovered this little gorgeous pink bottle, it became an evidence that not like others, I would smell good with my hair.

Lipsticks are like cloths there are certain items you need to have, such as the little black dress and timeless classics. Well for lipsticks it's the same, there are a few colours you just need to have, i'm talking about a passionate red and the perfect pink. Of course there is hundreds of different shades, but you need to adapt them. Use a dark red in winter and a cherry red in summer, same for pinks. Here are two new ones from this seasons Rouge allure and Rouge allure velvet collection called, Melodieuse and La Diva.

More eyeshadows here, with this gorgeous purple colour from Chanel called Diapason and this very flashy pink called Bow from Dior.

More goodies and this time theres some change! Less Chanel and more dior, Makeup for ever and YSL. When I first opened my little bag full of these treasures I was stunned by all these beautiful eyeliner colours. I could only think of all the beautiful makeups I could do with these.. Bare with me cause there's gonna be some serious education here! Don't get scarred, I've been through this to be able to explain it to you. This little tip is mostly for the Dior eyeliners, as you may have seen on their ads and TV spots, for this summer Dior created a new trend which is to superimpose the lines. Basically, you start by putting your usual black eyeliner and you add the colour on top of it, which creates a double effect. Check the video here:

CHANEL: 70 Khaki Platine 

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