100 is today's number!! Can't believe I already made 100 articles, I feel so happy and grateful to be able to share with you guys all my interests and ideas. LMDC is like my baby, it grows every post I make and only becomes better and better every day that pass by (you can probably guess how happy I am seeing this big smile on my face)...

It was during this week that I realised that my next post would be the 100 one, I was and am so excited and proud. You know having a blog isn't that easy, sure from the outside it looks all perfect and simple but it really isn't. Each time I have a new article I spend hours, editing the pictures, choosing the cover and selecting which ones will be part of the story. Not to forget that taking pictures takes a lot of time, I could spend just 20 minutes but it is very important for me to have quality pictures and show every single part of the outfit. I don't complain about this, I mean being the "model" is easy all you need to do is smile {or not}, change positions and TA DAA. 

I never thought I would actually be so into the blogging thing, it has become a part time job for me and I totally love it.
 I love what LMDC has become and I try to improve it all the time by adding or modifying simple little details that no one probably sees but that means a lot to me. I am just one in a million but I believe in my baby and even though one day I'll stop this would have been the best adventure.

Less drama, Of course I will continue! Anyways, for this article other than balloons I could have wore a gala dress and why not buy a cake and smash my face in it (that would have been fun!) but I decided to go as I usually go which is with the flow, very casual, simplistic and always with a little classy touch. You probably remember these Zadig & Voltaire shorts from the article I made of the Louis Vuitton x Cassina event, well once again I decided to pull them off with a sporty cropped top from Zara and a military style jacket with golden details. Heels are great, they make you taller and make your legs longer and thiner - but, sometimes It's just better and way more comfortable to wear flats or in my case cowboys boots, let the originality talk! For more details I chose my recently purchased and beloved red Chanel bag that let's be honest go perfectly with my new yummy french fries Moschino case.

Top and Jacket, Zara
Shorts and boots, Zadig & Voltaire (shorts) (boots)
Bag, Chanel
Cover, Moschino
Ring, Hermes

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