Ciao bellas! As you may know the other night I was invited to this fabulous event organised by Cassina with the collaboration of Louis Vuitton. It was such a beautiful event, people wise and decoration wise...

Where to start? First, 2 weeks ago I received a call from my dear friend Alain from Louis Vuitton telling me he would be in town for a day and that I was invited to this incredible event, I couldn't believe it. Since this call I was so excited about this special night and couldn't wait for this night to come. Unfortunately, this event fell just in my exam week, so I have to say I was a bit anxious and stressed about going out when I should actually be revising. But YOLO I absolutely could not miss this fabulous invitation. Once we arrived there, the place was just so beautiful; Imagine the amazing Cassina designs mixed with the gorgeous Louis Vuitton new collection. How wonderful does that look? Inside, full of stylish sand famous people, such as Anna Dello Russo, Philippe Starck, Dsquared and the beautiful Chiara Ferragni whom I had the chance to meet and take a picture. I have to say, I didn't think she would say yes or would be so accessible, but she did and she was just great, asking for my name, what I do - even said she loved my hair. It was just dreamy, I probably stayed paralysed saying nothing, I can't even remember! (you can see on the picture how stressed I was). Anyways, this evening was just fabulous and such a great experience, I feel so grateful and couldn't have been more happy to share this with Vic and my friends from Louis Vuitton. 

 Regarding the outfit, you can probably guess that I thought about what to wear for days and days. I was walking back and forth in my room trying to get inspiration and after a few (A LOT!) fittings I decided to go with this outfit. Why? Well, I did try some other beautiful outfits but in my opinion they didn't suit this occasion that wasn't too dressed nor not enough. I then decided to wear these shorts from Zadig & Voltaire I have for several months now but never had the chance to wear them. For the top I needed something less glittery and girly, this is when I thought about the boyfriend shirt, plus it was just perfect as Vic bought a very cute shirt the exact same day, so I decided to try it on. It looked just great, the perfect combination of girly and manly - chic and easygoing. I then found the perfect shoes to go with, to be honest I was hesitating with some Yves Saint Laurent I wore in this post: YSL MEETS GRAFFITI ; but for an evening where I would have to stand all night and certainly walk from a place to another, these Zara heels seemed more appropriate and truly, they are the most comfortable shoes ever. Although, I could't help wonder that something was missing. But what? something very chic and that would make this shirt pop out. A necklace, of course! The shirt with the shorts and the heels was just not enough. Luckily while Vic was buying his shirts I bought this beautiful necklace with these amazing shades of blue at Zara

Shirt, Zara (men section)
Heels and necklace, Zara (necklace)
Bag, Chanel

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