Hey sweethearts! I've literally been walking by this graffiti wall every single day since I am in Milan and it's only yesterday that i've realised the potential of this place and what I could do with it. To be continued...

Today was such a cool day to lazy around and do.. well.. absolutely nothing! As you may know I don't have much classes and the only classes I do have I don't need to attend them as everything that is said during the lesson is given on the computer, so let's say that I don't feel forced nor pressured to go to school.. I know, I know, I have an easy life - and it couldn't get any better with this new, adorable and energetic little puppy that moved into my building. It all happened yesterday when I came back home and saw in the reception this little buddy running everywhere, It was love at first sight.. In short, it's mine now. Just kidding, although the puppy (called Caterina) will be mine this weekend as I am her official Dog sitter hum hum. Only 4 weeks old this little puppy was abandoned by her owners and left alone in the country side. I still can't believe this still happens in our days, how could someone possibly abandon such an adorable and innocent puppy. People should know that getting a dog is like having a baby, you have to take care of it every single minute of the day, especially when it's small, so please think twice before getting a dog, it's a 14 years responsibility.

Back to fashion! Today's outfit was very cool and chic at the same time, mixing some very casual pieces from Brandy Melville and Gucci (tank top & cap) with chic pieces from Zara and Yves Saint Laurent (leather pants & heels). THOSE HEELS right!? they are probably my biggest investment but so worth it.. I found them during last years sales in London at Harvey Nichols and I knew I needed them in my life. If you think I'm weird/freak/crazy or what so ever then you probably never found your perfect pair of shoes, because, when you'll find them no matter how much they cost you'll take them. I know for sure that I will keep mine forever and that they will never be unfashionable or out of date. 

Yves Saint Laurent is probably one of today's best shoe brand, I know you are also thinking about Christian Louboutins and I agree with you. Although, do you see a lot of women wearing YSL? probably not - and this is what makes me love this brand even more. Louboutins is now worn by a lot of women, ok let's be straight, everyone! I feel like Louboutins became THE pair of shoes to have, and seeing everyone have some doesn't make me want to buy any.. This is why, ask me now a pair of shoes I would buy and I would answer you three letters: YSL.

Top, Brandy & Melville
Leather pants and Jacket, Zara
Heels, Yves Saint Laurent (similar here)
Cap, Gucci
Bracelets, Hermes & Gas
Phone cover, Chanel

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