Hey muchachos, how you all doing? So these past two weeks in Paris have been pretty crazy, full of running all around the city, going to all sort of amazing events and plenty of Instagram lives. Yes, it has been hectic....

My first event during Paris Fashion Week was the Garnier event that was hosted in a fabulous house with several rooms offering different activities and photo booths , absolutely loved it; and I even got the chance to go home with a little goodie bag offering all of the new products that Garner has launched lately. So I had a pretty amazing weekend trying all the masks (face and hair), Shampoos and creams. Then, I was invited to the Tod's one and after that comes the ShopStyle one that was one of my favorite!!

The ShopStyle event was hosted in the Nolinski Hotel, they booked the entire floor of the hotel for the occasion offering a magical experience... As a matter of fact, first feet out of the elevator and I was blown away! All the doors were decorated with real flowers as in a fairytale and the place was, let's say, ShopStyle style. Each Room had a purpose, first one was a showroom, a girls dream closet  showcasing all sorts of brands and outfits; second room was the living room, chill, food, and a jewel corner. Third room, you couldn't guess! A fashion photographer called Alix DeBeer shooting all of us. Then, (girls dream again) a hairdresser room and of course a manicure and makeup room. A dream I tell you. Oh, I was going to forget, do you believe me if they also had a massage room? cause they had one. I seriously could have stayed the entire day but 4 hours was enough, didn't want to push it too far. 

photographed by Alix de Beer

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