January 27, 2017


Hey everyone! We all know that I'm an Instagram freak, no need to mention it (again). Thus, I can give you the best spots in Los Angeles for that perfect Instagram picture...

- Alfred coffee (Melrose Place), the famous "but first, coffee" cups.

- Paul Smith Shop (Melrose Avenue), the pink wall anyone?

- Ace Hotel (Dowtown Los Angeles), fake tan at the famous pool terrace.

- Art District (Downtown L.A), want to be an angel? You'll find your Colette Miller wings over there.

- Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills), a little luxury feel.
   + you'll find a rare cupcake ATM..

- Santa Monica Pier, for some Hannah Montana vibe.

- { Venice Beach  |  Malibu beach }, bike near the beach, eat a healthy lunch and look cool as hell.

- The Hollywood sign, maybe not for Instagram but if you consider yourself a good person and tourist you have to do it. Useless to go to LA otherwise.

- In'n'Out Burger, not a tourist destination or beautiful location but their burgers always look nice.

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