So, you might have seen a few (way too many) pictures of my trip to Los Angeles and you might have guessed that I had the time of my life. I had such a great time in the city of bloggers and celebrities, did not see much though...

As I was saying Los Angeles is a true gem, everything is beautiful and Instagram worthy, no kidding. That explains why I took so many pictures, the worse part is that I didn't even post all of them... the nightmare shall continue! While in LA I kept acknowledging and understanding the reasons why bloggers all live there, of course Chiara and Kristina moved there - the light's good, the food's healthy, the people are stylish and nice, the shops are great and again the light is freaking amazing. I swear, you underestimate the power of it, you can take the most ugliest picture of anything, thanks to LA's light it becomes all colourful and wonderful. Take a look at mines and I am no photograph guru.

We explored the city for over 10 days and we managed to cover half of the lunch places I wanted to go to... Although we did visit the Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Malibu and the Hollywood sign. Seems insane when I list all the things we did. I think my favourite adventure of the entire trip was Malibu, might seem cheesy and so deja vu but I had the best day, ate the best salad ever at Malibu Farm and walked on the beach feet into water. It was pretty dreamy for a month of December.

Anyways I hope you guys had great christmas holidays!! Big Kiss X

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