Writing this article from a sun bed in St Tropez, I salute you...

It's been a few weeks I am in South of France now and I just can't wait to join civilisation again, by civilisation I mean big cities with countless restaurants, things to do and Zara's. Yes, Zara's. It may sound ridiculous and probably is but we don't have any in Saint Tropez or close by, there. You get it? Let's be honest, I love brands and all the originality and beautifulness that goes with but a little Zara is just necessary once in a while. Talking about brands, I recently purchased these Stuart Weitzman heels and still am obsessed with them. I already have them in navy but if I could I swear I would have them in EVERY SINGLE colour. Even in purple, that's how much I love these shoes (Yes I dislike the colour purple). Wanna know the story that goes with these shoes? I'll say it anyways.

It all started when I received money from a shoot I did for a bikini brand. The money well kept in my purse I was heading home when my best friend Kelly called me to have dinner later on, obviously it was a yes. I then realised that I was wearing a very casual look with sneakers and was having dinner in two hours in a fancy restaurant and clearly had no time to go home and change. {For those who don't know when you live outside of St Tropez and want to get in or out well you forget it very fast because it is a known fact that approaching summer the traffic is completely insane}. This explained, I was blocked in the village of traffic with no options for my night out. So what did I do? I went for a stroll, bumped into the Stuart Weitzman shop, yes bumped! I clearly did not walk towards the shop.. Don't believe me? Me neither, I was clearly looking for it. Anyways, I tried a few pairs on and came THE moment where the seller asks me: "so are we going for these ones?". I looked at her, she looked at me, I looked at my money, it looked back at me and at this moment we all knew I was weak. In short, I bought the shoes and not only spent the entire thing but even more. Here's the story of how I won my money, spent it ten minutes later and looked fabulous at the restaurant. At least it taught me something about myself. In fact, it taught me that I better win a lot of money in my life because clearly I can't keep it.

Regarding the look, well, as I was clearly forced to see all the coachella looks for a week on Instagram and ... well just on Instagram actually; well it might have left a mark on me because my first outfit idea when organising this shooting was to be very boho, festival style and yeah show some skin. After all, Coachella is clearly made for showing off some skin no?

Let me know what you think! Kiss muchachos X

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