Hey dear readers! So clearly the shirt is extra... (oh my god...) Today's article is about jewel brands I love, especially one that is clearly highlighted when you read the shopping list at the end of the article. It's a brand that I recently discovered in London and just can't get over with...

As I was saying, this brand is just amazing and there is not one thing that I find "mmmhyeah" whatever this means haha. I must have been more than a hundred times into their shop and must have bought at least one or two things for each one of the people I love, which makes a lot of gifts from that same brand. Enough suspense, or no suspense at all if you went straight to the "where to get" list which just makes all of this awkward and weird.. Anyways, the brand is called Monica Vinader and yes you should already have clicked on the name to check out their website. From classic essentials to edgy and original pieces there is not one thing not to love, trust me.

The bracelets I love the most from M.V are the Fiji Chain Bracelet that look so elegant yet super stylish with the silver chain. The little plus? You can engrave whatever cute, stupid, loving thing you want. I got from my parents last christmas one diamond silver and one rose gold fiji bracelet with written "La Mode de Carla" on it. How cute? I also got engraved bracelets for my best friend and my boyfriend with written a hidden little message where no one can see. Yes I can be the romantic type... 
I am actually thinking of getting a new one for myself, but it is a cornelian choice, you guys help me - PLEASE! Ok. So I am going to put a list of the things I like and you guys tell me what you prefer knowing what I already have. Ps. If my boyfriend see's that it is just perfect, juuuuust perfect! haha

Option 1: Double band ring (Cute?)
Option 2: Wave triple ring (Cuter??)
Option 3: Diamond stacking ring (In white this time)
Option 4: Diamond mini bar bracelet (Quite expensive thought... forget about this one!)
Option 5: Evil eye toggle bracelet (I need it!!! but don't want to buy it myself cause it is supposed to be a bracelet where you can engrave something cute, so buying it myself would just be sad.. (This is a direct hint for my boyfriend :p)) 

We're all set! So you guys let me know what you prefer to help me set my mind! Plus, stay tuned because I might have a little surprise coming for you.. Love.

Jean, 7 For All Mankind
Denim Shirt, Zara
Body chain, Free People (Similar)

Necklace, Monica Vinader

Rings, Monica Vinader

Bracelets, Monica Vinader 

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