Who does not love a little bit of gold? I personally do and the Constance Belle Mare hotel clearly understood it. When arriving in Mauritius I had the pleasure to find this beautiful gold ensemble wrapped on my bed, ohhh what a way to welcome someone...

Ok guys, were back in Mauritius! I mean on the blog not literally (I wish though).. The time I spent in this heaven on earth was just amazing and not only experience-wise but photography-wise. We all know (I guess) how lighting is everything, a good light can make you look 100 when a bad one can make you want to throw your camera of the balcony and smash it with a hammer. Yes I am the violent type.. So yes in Mauritius the light was amazing and I was just so happy with the shots we took and the looks I chose. I realise this as being back in south of france/winter/rainy/grey I do not like the pictures as much. Anyways, no biggy, life continues!

I chose this ensemble as I love mixing textures, colours and styles. Talking about mixing I wore a denim Levis short with a Dsquared cotton jacket and a gold bikini top. What do you all think? Shoe-wise? Don't talk to me about shoes. When in vacation, especially in warm and sunny places I have no shoe. Disgusting? maybe. But maybe not as I am 22/7 on the beach. There.  I am also wearing a Louis Vuitton necklace that has my initial on it and bohemian gold bracelets bought in accessories or TopShop. Back to the necklace, I actually won it at a FunFair organised by Natalia Vodianova for a charity. Yes, I am the lucky type (as well). Although, I did try several times, by several I mean maybe a 100 times. Now that I think about it with the money spent in tokens I could maybe have bought the necklace and saved money, wow. Oh well, it was for charity. Ok. I've got way out of topic, let's get back to fashion.

The jacket, beautiful right? I actually found it in a shop called TK maxx, also called TJ maxx in the states, it is basically a shop that has hundreds of different brands products but for cheaper, they are last collection items I think, which makes it very interesting. I usually hate going in this kind of store as it is a mess and out of 1000 things maybe 5 are good. But yes I went with my mom and turns out we found this little gem hidden in the middle of a hundred bad jackets.

Anyways guys, thank you for reading and visiting the blog. This article was a bit cray cray as I couldn't stay focus and kept talking about life and whatever silly things. So, yeah. Thanks for being patient! New bikini article coming real soon! Stay tuned, Love Xx

Jacket, Dsquared
Bikini, (here)
Shorts, Levi's (Similar)
Necklace, Louis Vuitton 
Bracelets, TopShop (similar here) or (here)

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