Shoes on its christmas time. Christmas is the time of the year (with new year's) when you can have a shoe game strong, wear all the glitter dresses and accessories you can find in your closet and be completely excused for it...

I still havent decided what to wear for christmas nor new year's, all I can say is that I found the perfect shoes - it's already something, right? I just arrived in Saint Tropez with a huge suitcase full of potential outfits for the occasion and trust me it is going to be a hustle, a massive one. This is one of the perks of being a blogger, your outfit has to be on point every single day, or at least whenever you are being photographed. Truly, I love it. It forces me to dress and it develops my sense of style as I can't wear the same cloths in the same way all time. Anyways, stay tuned and don't forget to check my Instagram to see what I will be wearing.

I am preparing something pretty special for you guys that I will be revealing in a few days, a chance to win something that you'll love so make sure that you visit the blog this week.

I'm off to prepare diner and some chocolate strawberries (you can check how I make them on my snapchat: @carlagin. Merry christmas and happy holidays my loves! XO

Top, H&M X Alexander Wang
Bomber, Missguided or (here)
Pants, H&M X Isabel Marant
Shoes, Louis Vuitton (similar here or here)

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