Hola chicos! So sorry for not posting much but it's my last semester of university and I can't seem to find enough time to post every week! I'll promise to do my best though. I've recently discovered a new accessory brand and Im sure you guys will love it...

I'll go straight to the point and tell you about this amazing brand I recently had the chance to collaborate with. Halatna is an up and coming brand, where the founder Adrien Martinez has based his collection and inspiration around his travels and the experience he got from them. In 2014 he created a line of fur bracelets that he will call "the 365" which refers to the 365 days there are in a year. Clever isn't it? With the introduction of the 365 bracelet he created a whole new way of wearing fur, it is a "little revolution" for fashion. Fur isn't only about clothing wear it can also be worn as a stylish accessory.

At first I wondered, can we actually wear a fur bracelet as a casual accessory? and is it ok to wear something furry on your wrist when not in Megeve or anywhere in the mountains? The answer in both case seems to be yes. Fur is something we can wear in our every day lives and seriously when it is as gorgeous as these it would be a crime not doing so. With the silver magnetic closure the bracelet can be worn day as night, keeping a classy yet not too fancy look.

I chose to wear the Steel Rabbit bracelet  for it's beautiful grey colour that I can accessorise with anything. Although, I did hesitate for about an hour with the Smoke Fox one that is just incredible as well. I guess it'll be my second Halatna bracelet in my collection. I know what you guys are thinking, do I really want to wear a bracelet made of animal fur? I am completely and definitely against animal cruelty and especially when it comes to fur. The conditions in which the animals are treated for their fur is very important, this is why before working with the maison Halatna I asked several questions about how they proceed and how they treat those little cutie pies. No need to say that the answers I got were definitely good and happily surprised me.

Oh wait, I nearly forgot the most important news here! You can use the code "Carla20" starting from tonight 9pm to get a 20% discount on ALL the bracelets, and this till the 31st of December! Exciting or what?? Head on Halatna.com to check them out. Hurry up!

Wearing a Halatna bracelet. 

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