Good afternoon sweethearts! How's summer going? I am 100% in holidays and I am loving it. Who wouldn't? Things have been pretty crazy here in Saint Tropez and I've been quite busy going out and seeing friends.. I should probably calm down (maybe) and sit my little ass on a chair for a bit...

A good night sleep. I don't even know what it is anymore. Summer is one crazy time of the year and especially when there are so many events and things to do. I luvvv it. So, I met this girl not long time ago and we've been partners in crime ever since. Let's call her K. K and I have been out and about in Saint Tropez, she's the reason of all this madness! Kidding.. Or am I? We've been animals. Literally. Never home and so always out, not sleeping much, having midnight swims.. Should I continue? Probably not. You'll definitely hear about our adventures in the next post. We always have stuff going on and stories to tell. Are you ready?

I wonder.. when going out a lot, how do you manage your wardrobe? Can one really have that many outfits to dress differently every night? I am starting to run out of options and shopping is definitely not an option, not right now. I am in crisis. Can anyone send me cloths? Jk. K and I are in the exact same situation and robbing a bank has been in our minds for quite a while. Especially when being in Saint Tropez, shopping is in our sight, at every moment and it is driving us crazy. So many things I'd love to possess and just cannot.. I guess many of us are in this situation.. My way of having outfit options is changing some parts of one look. By this I mean, wearing stylish shorts with a classy blouse and heels one day and the other wearing these same shorts with a casual top and killer shoes. Are you following?

I've been all about prints recently. Said this, I present you my summer must have shoes, these animal printed Stuart Weitzman espadrilles. How much do you love them? So, I have some friends (male friends obviously) that criticised them but let's be honest, most guys don't know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion. Right?  I love them and that's what counts. Oh and just saying, they might be 40% off on the website so hurry up!!

Shorts, H&M
Espadrilles, Stuart Weitzman 
Necklace, TopShop (Similar)

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