Oh hi everyone, it's me remember? Just kidding. So, I've been gone for a while, for a long while I should say and it has seriously been driving me crazy. Not being able to shoot, write and blog has been a real pain in the a**. Well I have been kind of writing but really not for pleasure, I had exams and this is the main reason for my absence (don't hate me)...

Exams. The worse period for students, all those sleepless nights, the huge amount of work. You know what I am talking about right? We've all been there and we've all wanted to quite at one point. I thought about it to be honest. I wondered.. Could I stop studies and start a career in something exciting, like... the CIA? I could, seriously. No I could not actually. haha So, I'll stop dreaming and stay in school, that's the best option I think, right? Wait, should we talk about the fact that out of all the jobs in the world I thought about being a secret agent and work for the CIA? No let's skip this weird weird thought. Please.

So, I am still in London but finally done with exams which allows me to blog again and well, have a life basically. I won't stay here for long though, summer called and it told me to go wild and enjoy life. This is why I did some serious planning and well let's just say that starting from next week I will be moving a bit. There should be no surprises, very easy to guess. But, I am still excited like crazy for what's coming.

The weather has been very moody recently and we people of the UK haven't been able to enjoy the pleasure of wearing shorts and dresses on a daily basis. In order to fight the weather and be prepared for any kind of surprises I wore a super comfy yet quite edgy look, wearing a sweater from Cala 1789 combined with ripped boyfriend jeans and my beloved Stuart Weitzman heels. The beautiful hat also from Cala 1789 has been one of my masterpiece this winter, I just love the material and the details. The little french flag on the side is just so perfect, I love wearing things that show I'm frenchie. What do you guys think of the look?

You guys should check the brand Cala 1789 for their new summer season collection. If you liked the flag detail on the hat you'll love their espadrilles, so make sure to head over their website and check their work.

Sweater, 1789 Cala
Jeans, Zara (similar) or (here)
Rings, TopShop

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