I am currently moving and so packing all my stuff from this house to the new one has been hectic and completely surreal. How does one girl have so much stuff? Having to empty my room had me realise that I have to pack all my summer shoes in a different box for when I go to St Tropez and choosing them made me want to make an article so you guys see my new babies and also other babies I already had, but that never get old...

(Left to right, top to bottom)

FIRST ROW: Definitely my summer essentials, nobody can go officially in summer holidays without espadrilles and oh god what espadrilles! The first ones are some new babes from Stuart Weitzman (I definitely have something for this brand), I wore them just once but it's only because they'll never go off my feets the whole summer. Then we have Chanel, also new, also perfect and fabulous. I think everybody knows how bad I wanted them, I've been chasing them for three years, who does that? then we have some beach essentials from unknown brands in St Tropez.

ROW TWO: They ere not my first choice in summer but when going to big cities such as Paris or London they become necessary. From Chanel, McQueen to Tod's they are the perfect mix of ballerinas and loafers someone needs.

ROW THREE: Ahhh heels. what would I do without you? Oldies from a mall in Miami, the first pair of shoe is from a brand called Chinese Laundry (No laughing, thanks.), their nude colour makes them the perfect summer shoe. Stuart, dear Stuart you will never stop surprising me. I never had navy shoes until I saw these ones, they make it so easy to wear jeans and stay classy. Back to nude with these Steve Madden heels, from the moment I saw them I knew they would grow old in my closet and be my first pick when going out in the summer. Some new kicks babies you guys had not seen before are the ones at the very right from Sophia Webster. Jealous? I ammm and their mine! 

FOURTH ROW : Everyone needs boots in summer. Why? Because you look just so cool and stylish. It is very easy to wear flats and open shoes, but, wearing boots is another story and much more complicated. If you know how to rock them, then you have a killer outfit my dear. Isabel Marant, my first summer booties that I will never give away, Zadie and Voltaire boots, fringe boots, fringe boots and fringe boots. Wait, did I mention fringe boots?

NO MORE ROW, LITERALLY ON THE FLOOR: Yihaaa, cowboy boots anyone? You need cowboy boots, I am telling you. With shorts or skirts they are one of the best pick for a comfy an original look. Sneakers weren't really my cup of tea but oh well, people can change. I bought these Adidas superstar(s) last week and I am actually having quite a lot of fun styling outfits with them (soon on the blog, outfit ideas.). Last but not least, Mules. Since last summer they have been on fleek and very trendy, these are from Zara and even though they were feet killers at first I know wear them on a daily basis for when I want to feel taller while staying perfectly casual. 

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