Hello sweeties!! How are you doing? So, I am back from South of France and I couldn't feel more relaxed and peaceful. After two weeks of spring break I am back in London and ready to kick some ass! Literally. (Ok, not literally)...

The light, the ambiance, the backgrounds and all the rest are always pure magic. It is one of my favourite places to shoot and I guess you can see why?
Only a month to go and I will officially be in summerrrr! Summer! I still haven't decided what to do with my life, by this I mean - where will I be? what will I do and will I be tanned? are a few questions I'll answer shortly.

Voila, voila! I really wanted to tell you guys that you should go to TopShop, like, now. Like, right now!! I've been there just before the holidays and I was stunned by the amount of cloths I loved and could have bought. Thankfully, my conscious still functions well and as usual (not true) I controlled myself. You go girl! That's what I told myself when giving back my 30 items to the woman in the changing room and leaving with only two bras, two panties, a denim jumpsuit and overall. Voila! Oh and I nearly forgot the most important, jewel'ssss. Here's proof of my little description.

I had never bought my undies at TopShop but when seeing this sleek and chic lace bra, I melted (also exists in light pink and baby blue, shh). It is the perfect discrete and elegant underwear you can wear with anything and let show when wearing something transparent or even slightly opened. I went to the extreme, I actually just wore this under a maxi jacket. Reason? I wanted you guys to see the bra without hiding it but also without showing too much. I also decided to accessorise it with this insanely beautiful and stylish necklace I also bought at TopShop and wear so often, maybe to often. Also, you might have seen on my Instagram feed but I've recently become a denim addict. I fell in love with the retro, 80's style denim looks, which means buttoned up skirts and high waisted flared pants. I am hooked. You can find the one I am wearing at Zara. I'm off to university, wish you all a great day my loves!

Jacket, Oakwood
Bra, TopShop
Skirt, Zara
Necklace, TopShop

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