Dior has always been one of my favourite brands regarding accessories and beauty. Attending their show, being able to discover their new collection and go backstage was simply amazing. As the first show I was attending of Paris Fashion Week it was a pretty big deal and a great way to kick of PFW with one of the most expected fashion shows...

Paris has always such beautiful backgrounds to shoot. There's just so much story and life that can be seen through these pictures. I simply love it. The outfit idea that day was to wear something very simple and accessorise it with a big ass coat and of course, stylish bag. I think there is two ways to do during Fashion Week. Either you go completely crazy and you wear what you'd never wear in your everyday life, or, the other way to do it is simple yet chic and stylish. Mixing both is the perfect combo, and of course if you are being dressed by the brands that invited you, even better!

Dior is a well established and well known brand for it's classiness and always being on point, said this, I just didn't feel like wearing anything sporty or to crazy. I opted for a simple Asos leather skirt that is always a Go for me, with a turtle neck and added a belt to add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to it. A pair of black Prada boots, a Dior bag to go with the occasion and also because it is pure beauty, the imposing and massive coat that screams "look at me" - and off we go.

Skirt, Asos
Coat, Vintage
Turtle neck, Sisley (similar)
Bag, Dior (similar)
Boots, Prada

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