Pure craziness. These past two weeks couldn't have been more intense and filled with so many incredible things. Starting with the Milan fashion week assisting the Fay show and then Paris fashion week and so many incredible ones, well here I am remembering the dream these past weeks have actually been (despite the tiring part)...

I am currently in Paris, writing an article about Milan and well somehow it  doesn't feel strange as I am here for the exact same purpose I went to Milan.

When being in Milan last year I could only attend fashion week from the outside, this year I got to know the inside of what fashion week and what it really is - and well, I'm hooked. This short week of the most incredible fashion brands new collections brings to the city it occupies a mix of style and creativity vibes. It is seriously so refreshing and exciting! The whole purpose of fashion weeks is to express your inner creativity and style, to wear and do whatever you feel like because it is just the time to do it. Does it only happen to me to want to wear this crazy beautiful outfit, but in the end you don't because, well, it's just "too much"? It often happens to me and you know what? Screw it and wear it during fashion week.

Fay is attached to the brand Tod's and I only got to know it well a few months ago, and what a waste of time because it is seriously G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. No questions asked. From the last winter collection starring beautiful and original coats to this classy and "simple chic" collection I could't love it more. For the occasion I wore a total Fay look with Guess boots. I rarely (not to say never) wear backpacks, because I actually never found the backpack that made me fall in love with it and wear it as much as I can wear all my other beloved bags. Although, wearing this super cool Fay one took me back to my middle school years (I wish I had such a cool one when in school) and I just loved it. I had forgotten how practical and cool you look when wearing one.

Whole outfit from Fay
Boots, Guess

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