When it comes to gifting we often torture ourselves thinking that the other gender is the most complicated of the two, let's stop accusing others and face reality shall we? When it's time to gift we are very simple, especially on this love day that is not that big of a deal... 

So let's think simple, sweet and romantic here. I made you guys a selection of gift ideas you could do for He or She. The She section includes all sort of girly things such as the classic jewel gift, lingerie and obviously makeup. For he, I simplified the whole thing by proposing simple but essential wallets, bags, and sunglasses. Hope you'll find what you're looking for, enjoy the selection!


For valentines we girls love anything shiny, in a heart shape or in sets. First gift idea to make any girl happy is makeup. A red or nude lipstick would be perfect for the occasion. As I said before we also love sets, which in this time of the year is very easy to find, opt for lingerie, some Kora creams or  makeup. If you are the romantic type with a bigger budget, let me talk about jewels. Let me introduce you Monica Vinader bracelets and the personalised engraved option (time to be creative!), a lovely pearl ring will also do. If I lost any of you on the way, stop torturing yourselves and simply buy this Net a Porter Love box that would be one hell of a present, including: lipstick, book, candle, soap and all sort of girly things we can't live without.


Let's be honest. For him is as much complicated than for her. I think they are a few man essentials and "can't go wrong's", Miansai bracelets and Aviator Ray ban's are definitely a must for any man out there, although if you want something more stylish and more olala opt for these metal babies. When it comes to men's and wallets there is always a huge gap, should I take a cardholder or a real wallet? Well, when you sorted out if your man is more of a CD or W buy either Mc Queen (great quality/price) or this Dolce leather wallet. I love a men with great shoes, every men should have at least a pair of classic's such as these Stan smith adidas or the better version Raf Simons. Something I noticed is very hard to find for a man are bags. Which shape, material and style are always the three main questions, I finally resolved this issue by giving you this chic/casual/cool backpack from Khoi Le.

(Wearing a Louis Vuitton coordinate)

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