Good night sweety pies! It's late and also the last article from Miami, in which I decided to combine both looks we shot the same day in the same area. This day Juan Sebastian and I did a shoot in the design district of Miami, a day I won't forget - So much beauty everywhere...

Last but not least memory from Miami. One of the first shoots I did there and the last I am posting on the blog, such an important step of 2014. This day represented a lot for me as it was the first time I was shooting with a professional and also with someone else than Vic or my mom - a huge step that then gave me the opportunity and the confidence to shoot for Adriana Castro's collection. It is crazy how things are linked and have a meaning. This shoot made me realise how little details are important and also challenged me to be confident even with strangers. Without this preparation never could I have done a shoot in front of fifteen people! Talking about things being linked, Juan Sebastian (the one that took the pictures for this article) is actually the one that made the video for Adriana Castro's website. I did post a preview on Instagram but if you haven't seen it, head on my youtube channel: HERE or on www.adrianacastroonline.com to see the full version. It is so overwhelming, crazy and makes me so proud to see how this day went and actually keep this video as a memory of when, how and with who I did the shoot. Let me know what you think about it!

The design district of Miami also called Wynwood is one of the most creative and original with a free spirit kind of vibe places I have ever seen. Each wall, each door, each drawing or graffiti has a meaning - even if you don't understand them they do. Colours, shapes and art it is a great area to take pictures and simply spend the afternoon when in Miami. I sure will return to Miami whenever I have the chance, this city has marked me in so many incredible ways, it is the place where things got real.

You have no idea the amount of cloths and outfits I tried and thought of before the due date. It was not a biggy, very casual but I wanted it to be perfect - me, but perfect. Knowing this, I chose two outfits, one that's more oriental with little details and research. Another one, casual and simple yet with a little touch of craziness. Not to forget that the scope was to show off the bags more than me.

We're closing a chapter but only to write another one, why not a better one. Thanks to all of you for following my long journey and every story I can't wait to share with you, wishing you a great night I'm off to bed. X


Top, I love 47
Jacket, Vintage
Pants, Carla G (similar here)
Shoes, Zara (similar)
Jewels, Forever 21 (necklace)


Shirt, H&M (similar)
Shoes, Bloomingdales (similar here)
Bracelet, Forever 21 (similar)

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