Good afternoon sweeties!! How are you doing? I am back in London for less than a week now and these days have been C R A Z Y. Literally. So many things happened and so many new projects are on the way - I cannot wait to share them with you and tell you more about them...

It feels so good going forward, meet new people, create new projects. Once you get this feeling of "omg, I am going somewhere" or "damn, did this really happen?" there is nothing that can beat it. I am truly overwhelmed and over excited about all the crazy things that are coming soon! Other bloggers will get me when I say that receiving new cloths from brands is one of the most unbelievable things ever, it has a meaning behind the whole concept that says "we like what you do" and there is nothing more rewarding than that. More than receiving cloths, when one of your favourite brands gets in touch with you and propose a long term collaboration this is even more incredible and exciting. When we start blogging we have no idea of what is the next step and we truly do it for ourselves, we all have different scopes and reasons for which we decided to blog. In the end, none of us knows where blogging will bring us and it's one of the excitements of doing this "job". Do you think The blonde salad, Song of style or Kayture knew where blogging was bringing them? I doubt it, and truly this is what makes their success even more impressive. You might have noticed but I gave you little hints here and there about what is coming, very general but still little guilty hints!

I must say that I've seen this "teddy" jacket a lot this season and I totally understand why, it's like wearing a real teddy bear around you, keeps you warm and joyful. I seriously don't know how I would have done without this Sandro jacket, I wore it very often as you might have seen on my Instagram but if you don't own one you can't understand why it has to be worn that often. Warm, comfortable, there is no need for a jumper underneath - Ok, maybe if you are going to the north pole. Even in 5 degrees London, only a thin Tee underneath is fine, get it now? Truly essential for winter. Moreover, I do love the very casual, "boyfriend too big for you jacket" style. We've seen in the past very glamorous, tight, chic coats and bringing forward this not very flattering coat shakes everything up, and I love it! Don't you? We're girls, people know it -  we don't have to always be sexy, glam, chic; we have the power to change and wear other cloths that aren't super feminine and that don't show our shapes.

Coat, Sandro and (here)
Hat, TopShop
Jeans, Zara (similar here)
Boots, Stuart Weitzman 
Bracelet, Miansai

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