From one freezing town to another, but never without my cape. We are at this very moment in the train heading to Madrid guys! Super excited to go there as I've only been once and simply because it's a great city. We're taking the one hour and a half train to get there which give me the time to write this article and share my thoughts on my fail new year resolution and also about bad dress up days...

So, my new year resolution "NO MORE SHOPPING!!!" well, it's a fail. I swear I tried. On the other side, not buying the two pair of shoes I bought would have been a crime! 50% off Prada's, I think I am forgiven. As I mentioned on my Instagram, if you guys ever come to Valencia during the period of sales, head straight to the Chapeau store to get 50% off the most gorgeous shoes, from Louboutins, Prada, Isabel Marant to Stella McCartney and other great designers you will find what you truly desire! I will post on my feed pictures of these gorgeous Prada boots.

Valencia has surprised me on a temperature level. I thought it would be a warm kind of winter, but wrong wrong wrong! One hundred times wrong! It is freezing. Which amazingly matches perfectly my cape from Zara. We shot these pictures in the Westin hotel, one of the best hotels in town with also one of my top 3 sushi restaurant! Definitely worth going. They also happened to have an exposition of gummy bears on their terrace, loved it! Was dying to bring one back with me, but let's be real, red? It's a bit too much. Kidding! Ps. The little red ball of fur attached to my bag was absolutely not chosen on purpose, just happened to match the exposition. 

I wonder, is there good and bad outfits? Wouldn't it just be a matter of taste? When I dress up to go out, article or no article there is times where I like a look and some other times where I just get very annoyed and can't find nothing that looks good. Would there be good and bad days to dress up? Some days where we look better than others, some days where we are in a better mood or maybe more positive. To be completely honest, the day before we shot this article we went out to shoot another look and I liked it, at first. A few hours later, hated everything about it. I believe that we have standards and expectations (big big expectations) which explains the disappointment. We should all lower our expectations and standards, we would be so much happier I swear. The question is, can we? I know I want so much for this blog, I want to give my readers and also myself originality, style and something different, something more. It just happens to be so hard to be super original when going for a simple coffee in town. Could we wear 10cm heals, a yellow fur, glitter pants and a sombrero all drinking a chai latte? Hmm, je sais pas. In my opinion, alternation is the way to go, one day cool, one day wearing this crazy sombrero outfit and the next one chic. Alternation people, alternation gives you the possibility to be Olivia Palermo from Monday to Wednesday, yourself on Thursdays and Fridays and Miley Cyrus on weekends. Arriving soon, see you in Madrid les cheris! X

Poncho, Zara (go get it, it's nearly half price!!)
Jumper, Zara (similar here) and (here)
Leather Pants, Jitrois
Boots, Sarkany (similar) and (here)
Mittens, Maje (similar)
Sunglasses, Stella Mc Cartney
The little red ball of fur was given to me by a nice man in Camden,
a big thank you to him if he ever sees this.

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