You know this sensation when you find something you weren't really looking for but just fall in love with? Well, that's exactly what happened to me when entering the Steve Madden shop and finding crazy beautiful gems. Now, sit back and enjoy this little throwback from Miami...

Shoes, shoes, shoes... It has been proven over time that women and shoes have a long history and love story. Why does a pair of Manolo's, Louboutins or even Burberry's make one so happy? I wonder, is it the fact that we are wearing beautiful shoes, or is it simply the fact of possessing a pair of Louboutins? I noticed over time that a pair of Zara heels doesn't make one as happy as a pair of Gucci. Why is that? Both can be as stylish, but one thing makes it a whole lot different - first, the price of course but also the name and what it represents as a whole. In our days it is all about the name! We buy Louboutins because they are Louboutins, when other brands can do models very similar for much less. It became all about the red soles. I am also to blame, I feel so much more satisfied and happy when I buy a nice pair of shoes from a good brand (although my account doesn't feel the same way). They make me want to take car of them and wear them much more than a normal pair of shoes.

Fashion isn't all about brands, fashion is about knowing how to mix in the perfect casual chic way luxury brands and normal brands. Going from a Burberry hat to a Zara coat and jeans, ending with Stuart Weitzman boots. That's what my mom taught me during all these years, that brands don't make one dress better it just makes the outfit more expensive. When you possess the sense of fashion, even dressed entirely in Zara your outfit can look worth 500 pounds.

Back to shoes, as I was saying - when entering the Steve Madden shop in Miami I felt like I was in shoe paradise! Gorgeous shoes everywhere for a reasonable price. If you guys have never been, stop everything and go NOW! It is Christmas holidays after all, you can indulge a little bit of Steve Madden. When I saw these nude sandals I just melted, simple, stylish and chic - Can't stop wearing them. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, full of joy and love (and of course some presents!). Wish you a happy new year! XO

Top, TopShop
Skirt, Zara (similar)
Shoes, Steve Madden
Bracelet, Forever 21 (similar)
Lipstick, NARS
Belt, Michael Kors (similar here) and (here)
Bag, Bought in Buenos Aires

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