Im back my little sweet potatoes!! It has been way too long I haven't been posting regularly and with fresh and new articles, I shall now say: this is over. I am so thrilled to be able to take pictures whenever I want again and share with you guys every single thing that happens to me...

Talking about something happening to me, I am currently finishing packing for... *DRUMS* Mauritius!! I am heading to this exotic destination for about 10 days and I couldn't be happier. It was actually sunny and very warm when in Buenos Aires, but going to Mauritius is taking it to another level, plus being back in London I am actually freezing my little ass and becoming whiter by the minute. Vacation? Yes please!!

People usually don't like winter, the glacial weather, the rain, the snow, what we call the "whitening progression" (well, at least I do), the layers and layers of cloths or maybe the colds - all of these may eventually contribute to the hate of winter. Honestly, I don't cherish it neither! The only thing I like about it are the boots and the winter style that I find one of the most complex and fascinating. For me when winter is right at the corner it's the occasion to take out my best coats and best boots and rock them in the cab. Just kidding, rock them in the street obviously! You are probably wondering why I said it was complex, well it's simple, imagine in Summer how easy it is to style a cool outfit and look fabulous only by putting a dress. Now winter, how difficult is it to style the perfect winter look by wearing 10 layers? Very very complicated I assure you. Also, we tend to wear more comfortable and warm cloths - which in short means not very fashionable and original. What a shame! I always opt for a thin turtle neck jumper that I wear under any big wool jumper or anything else really. It assures you to stay warm without looking like a snowball that could just roll down Oxford street with a little kick.

What am I talking about? Me, the one going to Mauritius is talking about winter and cold. Sorryyy. As I just finished packing and am heading to the airport in an hour or so, I really wanted to talk about winter and it's complexity as I only packed bikini's and light dresses. For those who hate winter and rather have a weather that doesn't change throughout the year, Spain is the option. Yes, I might have been influenced a bit by Vic and yes he might have told me hundreds of time that Spain is the country with the perfect weather and I actually do believe him as I went many times. Although, now living in Miami I can't help wonder if he still thinks the same... We shall ask him. Anyways, for me the best cities are London, Paris and New York, it's very cheesy and not very original but oh well I do love them even though they have very similar weather. Super hot summer and freezing winter, I guess you need a bit of everything in fashion so it's actually not that bad - in a way it gives you the opportunity to explore every possibility and every kind of looks.

We shot this look yesterday right before going for pedicure (don't hate me..) and it literally took us less than 15 minutes. First time ever this happens to me, the important is we still managed to get some good shots. For this surprisingly not that cold London weather I decided to go cray cray and wear as I told you a very thin turtle neck jumper, a cropped wool jumper on top and a faux fur Topshop jacket. Regarding the pants, I am so proud to be wearing these Jitrois pants that my mom use to wear at my age, high waisted and made with the best leathers they are perfect. Before leaving, just a little advice! When wearing a sleeveless fur jacket when you want to take it off, instead of putting it in your bag or carrying it casually on one arm, just roll it and wear it as a muff. Ok, it's time for departure, I shall see you in Mauritius loves! XO

Faux fur Sleeveless jacket, TopShop (similar) and (here)
Jumper, Zara (similar here)
Leather pants, Jitrois
Boots, Castaner

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