Good morning everyone! It's an early morning for me as I am leaving to Paris and heading there not the easy way, but by car - To be continued. It's been an eternity I haven't been to Paris, so long (don't be shocked nor scarred) I have never blogged there...

Let's stay cool, this little issue will soon be resolved. Although, one thing is scarring me - I have been told that it is even colder in Paris than London, say what?? That's exactly what I said when a nice person on my Instagram feed warned me and told me to get my gloves out cause a little negative number will be out and about in Paris. I've talked so many times about winter and how difficult and tricky it is to stay stylish while fighting the cold and trying to stay cozy and warm. Dios mio! I tried, I really tried to pack stylish stuff but who knows if I won't change my mind last minute and exchange my beautiful Laurence Dacade boots for moon boots. If the word moon boots isn't familiar just google it and you'll see where the big deal is. Anyways, to whom am I saying all of this - Most of my readers are from France and know what I am talking about, right? To all of those who aren't I'd love to know how it is going in your country - are you more in jumpers and big coats or shorts and bikinis? Lucky the ones that are wearing the second option.

As I was saying, I am travelling by car, which instead of being an hour and a half away by plane it will be around 4 hours to head there. Two things, NO to the time and to have to be seated that long - but, YES to the unlimited amount of cloths! Said this, I think you know me pretty well now and know I took more than I will need - correction, way more than what I will be needing. Again, said this I felt free to take my own shampoos and conditioners, lots of makeup, accessories and lotions - lots of lotions. I am a cream addict and if you guys want I will make an article about what creams I use, for what and even share the knowledge I have about them in general. So feel free to tell me and it will be executed shortly. :)

We shot this outfit a few days after my return to London, it was precisely the day after christmas eve (and the tons of food we had) so I guess you now understand why the park. We went for a little morning walk and I could not be bothered to wear anything else than these Zadig & Voltaire boots that are the most comfortable ever and this maxi jacket that I find super cool and edgy. Off I go to Paris mes petits pains au chocolate, see you there! XO

Ps. If you are wondering who is the man in the last picture it's just my brother, and I have to tell you that he has been making fun of me during the entire time we were shooting this article. The presentations are now made, I shall now let you go back to your occupations, Bisous bisous.

Scarf, Asos (similar)
Jacket, (here) and (here)
Pants, Zara (similar) and (here)
Boots, Zadig & Voltaire (similar here) and (here)
Bag, Chanel (similar)
Sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana

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