I am currently writing this article from the north pole, just kidding, I am writing it from London which I am sure is as cold as the North pole and I have to say,  I am missing the sun and the sea big time! But, as winter sets in our gardens and christmas is approaching it feels good to be in the mood by celebrating it in London...

This article is actually all about these Dior sunglasses. I've mentioned thousands of time how important it is to find a nice pair of sunnies and how I love finding that special pair that screams originality and style! We all have different shapes and bones structures in our face that makes some sunglasses suit us and others that don't. I personally think that the sunglasses that suit me the best are the cat eye ones or with original square shapes - On the contrary, other people such as my mom wear massive round sunglasses that look just fabulous on them. I guess as I have a fin and small face round sunnies just make me disappear and look like a bee! Do you guys know which sunglasses suit you best? If not, head in a shop now and try them all, literally. From square, to round, to cat eye passing by other weird shapes you will find your special one!

Christmas is approaching and it is more than ever time to get presents for your special ones! I will prepare a gift selection to give you guys ideas in case of any doubts as I am going shopping today. For guys like for girls it is very complicated to buy the perfect gift - Guys, because you never really know what they want and even though they seem very simple they are probably more complicated than girls. Most boys are very picky and as a girl with a mind full of ideas it can become to original for one to like it. Girls on the other side like too many things! Look, did you ever go shopping with a girl? If yes, you probably know that during a shopping day the phrase "I like this" must be used at least a hundred times. So, good luck with this, the selection is just reduced to a hundred items!
I will investigate the best options today! What a horrible job, go shopping! But oh well, duty is calling! Have to go XO.

Sunglasses, Dior
Shirt, Benetton (similar)
Body Chain, Etsy
Sandals, Brian Atwood
Bracelets, Monica Vinader
Clutch, Accessories (here) and (here)

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