This week has been just incredible and filled with so many unforgettable images and joy. I am so thrilled of what has be done, collaborating with Adriana Castro for her new SS15 collection, discovering more about the magical city that is Miami and meeting new interesting and very talented people. My happiness and excitement level couldn’t be higher…

I am currently packing to head back to Buenos Aires and I can’t help thinking how truly amazing these 10 days in Miami have been. Let’s do a little #throwback here, shall we?. As you may know the first time I travelled to Miami was to see Vic and also enjoy the city. It wasn’t planned for me to go back a second time but after meeting Adriana, trying her beautiful bags and talking fashion we knew it was meant to be. So, as a matter of fact I came back for “work”, don't get me wrong - very fun "work". I just couldn’t say no to such an opportunity! Being the face of her SS15 collection was - and is still so surreal! It was my first campaign and I loved it; Waking up early, getting my hair and makeup done simultaneously, heading to a dreamy location, and trying out the cloths specially selected by a stylist, how amazing this was. It might seem tiring and exhausting and i’m not saying it wasn’t cause it certainly was -  but, the simple fact of having everyone’s attention and look on me made me want to give everything I had!

As I was packing it started to rain and I couldn't help wonder how each time I leave the bad weather takes over Miami.  Could this be a sign? I am not usually superstitious but it does make me think. Maybe I shouldn’t leave. Maybe the city has more to offer. Maybe I have more opportunities here. Maybe, Miami is where everything happens. A lot of maybe’s for one day. One thing I’m sure about is that Miami is a great city to live and especially for bloggers as the light is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed and there are events at nearly every corner. One year before I graduate and there won’t be anymore maybe’s only doing’s.

Back to reality, let’s talk about how to have the perfect skin. Choosing the right foundation, blush, bronzer, primer, powder, concealer - whaaat? I know, there are too many products for only one matter, which is originally making your skin look better and hide imperfections. At first I was using only a blush to bronze and lighten up the skin, but, that was before. I recently discovered how much prettier and clearer my skin looks using more than one product. I use at first, a Chanel liquid foundation to hide the dark areas under my eyes, then, I apply the primer - I use a MAC prep and primer balm that is truly amazing, trust me on this one. I apply the primer all over the face to unify the skin and make it less shinny. I then choose between the Chanel powder or Bare Mineral bronzer (depends of my mood) to make it softer and create a natural look in the city or a coming back from the Bahamas tan. Yes, it is a little bit more work - but, so worth it! I love how my skin looks naturally tanned and clear now.

Primer, MAC

Bronzer, Bare Minerals

Powder, Chanel

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