Oh what an intense 10 days! From an exam in Buenos Aires, straight in a plane to Miami and back to Buenos Aires for an exam the same day, I made it! Easy come, easy go is my new way of thinking and doing.  I am back in Buenos Aires and truly in my head it feels like I am still in Miami, so many memories to remember and think of. I won't hide that I am already thinking of cheating on Buenos Aires and go back to my new love, easy come, easy go I tell you...

Miami has been a true blessing for me, it has been all about visiting wonderful places, tasting delicious ceviches and meeting wonderful people - I felt like home. It might have been the way in which Vic introduced me to the city, making me see everything that had to be seen and presenting me to beautiful and so talented people. Talking about talented person, I am so proud and excited to present you this designer you might not know but that is very famous in her country Colombia and in the States. I am talking about Adriana Castro. Her designs are just incredible, we are talking about luxurious works as she uses exotic skins such as crocodile, python, ostrich and others to design her bags. Her large variety of shapes and styles is probably an other factor of her success, between all types of clutches, crossbody bags, satchels and totes there is one waiting for you! Not only are they amazing quality and handmade which makes them "unique" - but also, where you would expect python and crocodile bags to be classic and simple she spices the whole thing up by adding flashy colours, prints, textures and bold colours. What else could we ask for? There is one to suit every taste and when carrying one be sure to stand out and catch all the looks!

For this day I wore the Leticia Satchel in citrus yellow python and lizard bag. Just the name is a dream! The yellow satchel is the perfect addition of elegance to any casual outfit. On this day I wore just a simple and easy white top and shorts, but, adding this yellow python bag just made it stand out for so many reasons! I know you are probably thinking that wearing crocodile, snake, python etc. etc. is wrong but what you don't know and has a huge importance in what might be your future purchase is that when buying a bag you contribute to repopulating the caiman species, in short one bag sold equals one animal brought to life. How do you like the idea? I am sure you are feeling a whole less guilty to buy a bag now, am I right?

There is so many images (which includes new Adriana Castro bags) and stories that still need to be shared with you guys! So much excitement, which I didn't need as after these 10 magical days I think I've fuelled up for a month of excitement and happiness! XO

Top, TopShop
Shorts, Atmosphere
Belt, Michael Kors (similar here) 
Flats, Kurt Geiger (similar)

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