I have big big news sweety pies! As you know I am back from Miami and this city has been a real blessing for me in so many ways. Strangely it seems to never stop as I have new projects over there and am heading to the city this Thursday. I feel like jumping everywhere and just spread my happiness all around...

As you can guess I will not reveal this secret project  until the very end, suspense, suspense.. - Will you guys handle it? Cause it will certainly be the hardest thing for me to do! Although, with all the posts on the blog as on Instagram I recently did it can be easy to figure out. I'll leave you guys think about it. Meanwhile, I need to start thinking of what to bring and organise my whole trip over there. There are so many things I haven't done and can't wait to do - This time, knowing the city better and using my favourite cab service Uber I will definitely be able to move around securely and faster! Better be efficient, this is why I need to organise my life here in Buenos Aires and once in Miami. It's like I am living two parallel lives, one in Buenos Aires where I still have work that needs to be done and one I'll be living and enjoying in Miami. I am having the best of both worlds as Hannah Montana would say. (Oh my god, I really should work on my references.)

This time we were shooting in Miami we were wandering around the Bal Harbour shops, such a wonderful and creative place - Ideas were popping out from every side of me. This mall has literally the best of all brands, no more taking ages to find the hidden gem, no more walking around for hours, everything has been made to find whatever you're looking for in the best way possible. More than shoot in the mall we decided, why not shoot on top of it? And I don't regret it for a second! It was prohibited but somehow we managed to get up there and you know what they say "once you're in, you're in". So, yes. We were definitely doing it.

I opted for a casual yet sophisticated and chic looking outfit. The outfit itself says casual but the jewels and clutch definitely say chic. I always go for neutral colours, it always looks good and you can dress it with anything. Here the addition prints plus jewels wouldn't have worked. Also, when wearing such a clutch there is no way you can dress in a way where the outfit steals the show. Sometimes it has to be all about the accessories and less about the cloths.

Before I leave you guys, if you have any recommendations about where to go, what restaurants to try, what locations to visit feel free to leave a message or a mail. I'd love to try whatever you guys advice me to do, Love.

Tee, Zara (similar here)
Shorts, Levis
Boots, Sarkany (here) (here)
Bracelets and necklace, Forever 21 (similar necklace)
Studd bracelet, Vita Fede
Clutch, Adriana Castro (similar)
Rings, H&M

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