Hello everybody!! Fashion week has just finished in New York and is kicking off in London, I am loving it here in Buenos Aires - but, London during Fashion Week.. it just doesn't get any better! Fashionable people strolling in the streets with their most original outfits, the "oh so chic" parties and the atmosphere surrounding is just a blessing...

I am sure you guys are feeling my nostalgia here! But, have you ever assisted to a show? When you are in a true and passionate relationship with fashion, fashion week is a must! Yes, I call it a relationship. Because, fashion isn't just a hobby or an extra curriculum activity it is a permanent work and passion that never leaves - In short, let's call it a love affair. Fashion is like meeting someone new on a bloomy day, there's a form of desire that starts occurring and sooner than you know it you start spending a lot of time with each other. Well, that's my relationship with fashion. I can never get enough, I have a continuous desire to found new treasures and once I found them my heart skips a beat and the desire to wear them is just indescribable. Being well dressed gives me personally so much confidence! We were actually talking with the girls the other day about how being well dressed or badly dressed can change ones day, it can give you more as less confidence and can change your mood and sociability towards people. I find this completely true.

Sex and the City isn't just a Tv show, it's a reality - a dreamy, incredible and hard to get reality. Every single one of us could be a Carrie Bradshaw deep inside. All it takes is hard work, passion and a true sense of fashion and creativity. Because, what you don't know is that, Fashion isn't always pretty in the proper sense - No. Fashion can be original in a weird way, it can be edgy or innovative also called "avant-garde" which you don't always love due to the fact that it is something unseen and completely new. Has it ever happened to you? You see someone wear this stupidly crazy outfit, you look at it and question it a lot, you realise it is something never seen before and you hate it. But, a few days later giving it some thought you just fall completely and deeply in love with it. This is what "avant garde" is about. Something you would never had thought off or even worn but, by seeing it on someone it gives you some serious questioning and there you are one step closer to become a Sex and the City girl.

I love talking about fashion and compare it to simple and basic things we do everyday. Comparing fashion to a love affair might seem cliche but what the hell, if that's how you feel about it then why not be cliche? I've never went out of my comfort zone, recently I did show some more risks and originality but I feel that I didn't go out yet and haven't explored my inner wildness and craziness towards fashion. Every day that pass I am making one step forward, I try, want and make even more. So I promise you guys some new and out of the comfort zone Carla Ginola soon.

Another article from my summer in St Tropez before revealing to you guys a brand new 100% shot in Buenos Aires post. With everything moving forward for me I am desperate for shooting new articles and show you guys brand new outfits and creations - but, only one thing is keeping me from doing that, a photographer. How could finding one be so hard? but mostly, once you found one why does it become so complicated? I am not asking for a relationship am I? I wish I could share what I love so easily that people would actually care and give a tiny bit of there time to help a fashion blogger in need of fashion blogging. What my friend Tamara told me yesterday is actually true, this is my job.

Dress, Asos (similar here)
Bag, Chanel
Shoes, Louboutins (similar)
Lipstick, MAC

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