Good morning cutie pies! It's 8am here in Buenos Aires and I've missed posting so much! You may have noticed that the articles haven't been as regular as usual, but there's a very good reason for that, promised...

With this whole new life I am starting here in Argentina, not only do I have a new home, new friends and new habits - It also means, no more photographer and less outfits to wear and create (I would cry right now, kidding!). Anyways, with no photographer I haven't been able to shoot new articles yet, but I have ideas and managed to sort something out until Vic comes hihi. As I told you when arriving here, I had and still have a reserve/stock of articles that haven't been shared yet! Unfortunately the stock is getting smaller and smaller.. HELP! So, I am planning a brand new - totally Argentinean post coming this week or the following one, excited? I am!

This time we were in Porquerolles was a real blast! The landscape, the streets and every little detail were just so beautiful I was speechless and couldn't do nothing but admire such spectacle. As you can see on the shots, we took pictures in very different places - From our boat, to the little one next to us passing by the city let's just say it's a major article! I don't have many different things on me but this blue electric dress with my favourite arm bracelet was just enough to make a whole story out of it!

The dress comes from a little unknown shop in Miami, it's crazy how sometimes little brands can do big things, no need to be dressed in the most famous brands to pull an outfit off. Truly, I think there is nothing more chic than being dressed in "casual"/"normal" wear yet adding THE little accessory that will change everything and add this little plus to the look. In this specific case, I am not wearing any big brands - this Zadig & Voltaire hat is the only brand I am actually wearing, all other pieces come from little shops found while strolling at the right place and right moment.

Ps. Excuse the wind for making my hair all messy and my dress go crazy, XO

Dress, Unknown brand (similar here) (here)
Arm bracelet, (here)

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