Good morning my dear loves! I am writing this article from my room in Miami and I have to say that writing here, with this view is just another level! I am so so excited to finally be able to take pictures again and show you guys some fresh and new style. So take a glass, sit back and enjoy...

I arrived in Miami friday morning after nine long hours of flight next to someone that kept taking selfies and giggle afterwards, I now know how it looks like from the outside when I take selfies - and it seriously makes me reconsider this whole new "IT thing". Kidding, this person was adorable! Anyways, while being welcomed by Vic (that by the way was late, he says he wasn't that the cab driver took him to the wrong door bla bla bla - let's just keep it real here. He was late.) we went straight in the cab and I was literally mesmerised by the beauty of this city, it's a mix of New York, Los Angeles and Spain. Why Spain? Well maybe because every-single person here speaks Spanish! I thought I was going for a 10 days spanish break, but I was wrong wrong wrong! I've been told that Miami is an "old people city" but hell no! It cannot be younger as it is, I recommend this city for anyone that wants to party or just have a delicious time here.

Let's talk about the style shall we? After only two days of exploring the city and going out by night, I noticed that girls here are all about: shoes! I feel like the moto is simple outfit but killer shoes. God how I love this! I always thought that shoes could dress any outfit, even the worst or just a plastic bag - and this is no joke. So, after leading my analysis I can now only think about shoes and how badly I want new ones.

The other day's shoot was located on the terrace of the Zuma restaurant where we went for brunch. It was one of the most delicious brunch I have ever been to, the food was exquisite, the decoration an eye blessing and the people on their 31! Oh how I love this. I opted for a casual/chic outfit, wearing the most casual of them all top with this very original and stylish skirt I absolutely adore from Zara. The opposition here create this contrast of style that I love so much, never be just one thing is my mantra - I am nearly never just casual or just classy I love to mix them both. More down, shoes - I bought these wedges in Milan a few months ago and they are killer shoes, literally! I love them and the way they look but oh lord they're uncomfortable. Just think that after the brunch I went for a shopping stroll. Laughing? I was definitely not.

I hope you guys liked or maybe even more loved this article! I'd like to thank you for being patient while I am in Buenos Aires and am not bing able to post or only old articles, this is what I love to do and no country or person will make me stop blogging - NO ONE! Yes this is a threat, kidding! Ok, so I am off to the pool, I hope I will and already am making you travel with me to Miami through my posts, this is just the first one, many more stories to come! Kiss XO

Top, I love 47
Skirt, Zara (similar here)
Mules, Zara (here)
Bag, Chanel (here)
Ring, TopShop
Bracelets, Vita Fede

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