Hey babes! I am writing this article here in my new city Buenos Aires and I have to say it feels so weird making this article that I shot in St Tropez. This summer when doing my first Goodie article I got so much positive feedback that I decided to do more of these articles, featuring my new ins and favourite pieces...

Fashion blogs are not only about cloths and how you wear them it's also about sharing what you love and what you wear without actually wearing them, it gives the chance to people to create they're own outfit and style just by showing them the item. Most of the time I am behind the scenes but, when shooting products, goodies etc.. I just need to shoot them myself and I actually love it! I don't often take the pictures to say never, so shooting these pictures was quite a blast! I have my personal way of shooting and I have very clear ideas of how I want the pictures to be and appear, in this case I just can't give orders to someone I just have to do it, bossy you say? Noooo... (sarcasm)

When shooting these pictures I picked out some of my favourites accessories and pieces from my room and put them together by themes. They are not all shop-able but I searched for you guys very similar items, so enjoy and good shopping!

Sunglasses are a must for summer! Everyone has they're favourite and this pair of sunglasses that they just wear all the time and if they could never change they wouldn't. Although, when being into fashion you can't have just one pair that you wear every single day, you need loads!! I personally love changing styles, shapes and colours. in this picture I just picked out four pairs that I absolutely love and never know which one to choose out of the four. This season I fell deeply in love with the cat eye shape and so bought these Dolce Gabbana ones at the very right end. What's your favourite sunglasses style?

I previously did an entire article about these gorgeous Louis Vuitton bracelets so, no need to brag about it for hours, they are just perfect in every sense and I definitely recommend you guys to buy them or similar ones! They are part of the very casual collection Louis Vuitton made and are more affordable than what you would expect.

What's a girl without bags? I am lucky to have a mom into fashion and also lucky to have the possibility to steal them or just buy them knowing both of us will wear them,  it's a very good strategy you should try! All you have to say is: but mom, it's an investment - both of us will wear it. And there you go!

Summer is about colours and not wearing as much black as we all do in winter. This is why this picture looks as a rainbow with all types of shades and beautiful light and flashy colours.

Summer, sun, sunburns, warmness, hydration.. do you get where I'm going? If not, let me help you - I'm talking about these crazy hot beach days! Summer is all about creams, hats and big bags where you can fit anything.

Shoes are one of the thing I love the most when choosing an outfit. There is just so many possibilities, designs, shapes and so on.. Shooting this picture was a blast, I loved creating the scene putting them together and seeing the results made me so proud. 

I tried to pick very different types of shoes and I think I could not have chose any better! Every single one of them is a master piece itself and so different in many ways. My most recent ones are the ones at the very left, the fringes, the colour and the style itself made me fall for them straight away! I didn't have time to do a post about them so, here's a perfect way to introduce them and further then wear them in an article.

Which ones do you guys prefer?

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