My Instagram Diary

I am writing this article here in Buenos Aires and these pictures make me so happy and nostalgic at the same time.. I had such a great time in St Tropez that it is hard for me to see all these pictures captured with my phone. Instagram has really become a diary for me, where everyday I share with all of you guys what I do, what I like and mostly what I wear (and eat)...

I thought that doing a little update/diary of my holidays in St Tropez would be perfect before starting this new adventure in Buenos Aires. Instagram took such a big space and importance in my everyday life, it became the first thing I do waking up and the only thing I think off when seeing something interesting or silly. It may sound stupid but once you get addicted you're addicted, no questions asked! 

When arriving in this beautiful country that is Buenos Aires I had much doubts concerning my stay here and the fact that I was going to miss summer. As a matter of fact, you guys might not know but the weather here is the opposite than the one in France, England, basically Europe. Meaning, when it's hot there it's cold here and opposite, I have my reasons to doubt no? Anyways, now everything seems to settle down, I recently moved in a flat with two amazing girls and I couldn't be happier! We have so many things planned and that we really want to see and discover. Argentina is such a beautiful country full of treasures and beautiful things to see, but first let's learn the basics: Tango!

I haven't been able to Instagram or blog much since I arrived as we've been very busy, moving in, adapting to a new country and visiting has been our priority. Also, I am really missing my partner in crime and in life, I don't have anyone now to whom I can ask to take pictures for me. It is going to be difficult, but don't worry guys I have more than one trick up my sleeves and so many articles yet to be shared. Make sure to stay tuned, because there is Part II of this article coming soon! Kisses from far far away.

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