Hola chicas! I have loads and loads of work to do.. There is so many articles that need to be shared and discovered it makes me so excited, you have no idea! Here in Buenos Aires it's winter, meaning I can forget about bikinis, shorts and crop tops - Instead I welcomed in my closet: Jumpers, pants and jackets...

You guys probably know how much I love summer and the warm and cool atmosphere that goes with it, well, to be honest I haven't been really smart choosing Buenos Aires as my second university exchange destination. Hopefully, within a month I'll be able to wear open shoes again and go out without my black scarf that I now hate! Kidding, a little ;) Anyways, let me tell you more about my lifestyle here and what I do everyday - Starting with the city, the girls and myself have been very busy walking around town and discovering great new places. For this reason, as there is so many different amazing restaurants and places to visit I decided to make you guys a city guide of Buenos Aires, where you'll find the best restaurants to eat in town, the most mesmerising places and some other fun activities. Then, let's go out of town. You guys should know that Argentina is one of the countries with the most interesting and beautiful things to do and visit. Just for you and maybe a bit for us - We'll go explore Argentina for you and tell you what has to be done when travelling in South America. Just give me some time to do all of this and capture the moments for you guys.

Enough about me, let's talk about fashion and this little (maxi) black dress. Karl Lagerfeld once said, "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress" how could we not agree? Although, we can always change little for an other adjective - Leaving us with the black dress, it is always so chic and classic to wear black, a timeless colour that all women and man love when dressing. It's not only about the fact that black makes you thinner but it also makes you look elegant and dressed in a second. To break a bit the habit there is always the possibility of adding a pop of colour to make the little black dress stand out even more!

I opted for a pop of mint, wearing this absolutely gorgeous mint bra that also goes perfectly under any black or white top. Why mint you'll tell me? I could have chose to wear a black lace bra that would have just mixed perfectly with the dress but it also would have look invisible, I was looking for this colour that would make the outfit stand out without attracting to much attention. Red or orange colours would have been to flashy and colourful for this black outfit - Mint instead, brings this little fresh touch to the look without stealing the show. Wish you guys an amazing week and hope my tips were useful, Love.

Dress, Why Not (similar here)

Bra, Gilly Hicks (similar here)

Shoes, Zara (here)

Rings, TopShop

Bag, Chanel (similar here)

Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton

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