Choosing jewels is probably the funniest part in creating an outfit. There is just so many possibilities and combinations that it is a real blast when finalising any outfit, it adds the last touch to your look. When shooting the other day I realised how important they are and how they can change or give importance to any outfit...

When I received these gorgeous Louis Vuitton jewels during spring I couldn't help thinking of all the outfits it could go with. From a chic diner in the upper East side to a casual stroll in the city, yes we can say it - The perfect jewels. I feel so grateful being able to wear such great pieces, even if they are not part of Louis Vuitton's high jewellery, they are young, beautiful and most of all effortlessly chic.

Right wrist as left wrist are pure arm swag, no preferences for these two different sorts of jewels. The right hand ones with the Lock Ring and the Lock bracelet are more classic and chic - Whereas, the left hand Inclusion big bracelet and Inclusion small bracelet are more boho and stylish. Two different styles but that look so good when combined together. Which style do you guys prefer?

I personally decided to wear these gorgeous pieces with a very casual look as I love creating contrasts in my outfits! Soon will be posted the rest of this boho chic look, you guys stay tuned and make sure to follow my Instagram for daily updates, XOXO.

Jewels, Louis Vuitton 

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