Writing this article sipping on a coffee in the kitchen I am remembering yesterday's night out, it has been a very long and fun night and I definitely needed to sleep in late to fuel up some energy! I've been wanting to post this article for days now and it's only today while everyone else is still sleeping like babies that I finally have time...

I usually write all my articles the day or the day after I take the pictures to explain as much as possible how I felt during this day, when travelling or even home it's called "being in the moment". I hate writing about what I did and what I wore and why a few days after, it seems just so wrong! Today is just an exception, promise. These pictures were shot during the week before heading to the beach. It is always such a dilemma to choose what to wear at the beach, you always end up in bikini so where's the point of dressing too much? Well I have my solutions for everything (maybe because I am a girl and I alway have something to say about everything but still, bare with me!), there are a few factors about how to dress at the beach you need to know right now!

Never wear jeans or long pants, never-ever! but most importantly why would you? Ok, except if you didn't have time to wax, but then don't go to the beach. Also, try to stay as natural as possible - No makeup (or very little), heels (wedges are authorised) and glittery outfits. Remember you are just going for a tan, the point is to have nothing on your face to keep you from tanning and makeup creates this barrier that keeps your skin white all summer! Another important rule, wear light cloths that are easy to take off! It may seem logic/stupid whatever you want but how many times did you go to the beach and didn't find any changing rooms and so been forced to change straight on the beach in front of everyone? Didn't happen to you? Well to me it did and you have no idea how grateful I was to wear cloths that were easy to switch for a bikini!

This top which actually isn't one, is a foulard that I folded in half and tied around my waist, Like it? If you have foulards that would go really well with one of your shorts, skirts, pants etc. - you definitely have to try this technic! Summer, cool and stylish it's my first outfit tip. Because from now on (Right now, this instant) I decided to make as often as possible outfit tips, to show you guys what you could do with some accessories you have but don't know how to wear or even shoes that would look even better by taking off a strap and so much more! I have so many ideas and great tips I learned from my mom or even myself that I could share with you guys. Excited? I am!!

Enough craziness, back to the fashion world, this outfit that I created on-the-go is so comfortable and perfect in itself for a day at the beach or pool party - That's for my party people that may be reading my blog, I salute you! Anyways, the shorts I am wearing are from Brandy Melville, a brand I discovered a few years ago thanks to one of my best friends L. and these kick ass wedges I absolutely love that you've already seen before from Zara. More up, how amazing is this Louis Vuitton sunbeam bag? One of my favourite from all their collections, and of course you remember these Dolce & Gabbana sunnies.

Ps. I don't usually have an orange skin, I am not sick or did not eat too many carrots, It's just the sun light with the reflexion of the orange wall. Kiss

Top, Jacob Cohen (similar here)
Shoes, Zara (similar here) and (here)
Sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana

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