Good morning folks! It's a beautiful day outside and I could not be more happy kicking it off by posting a brand new article about the other nights event. It's been a great night and I could not wait one more second to share these pictures and story with you...

Be ready for some changes loves, It's been nearly 3 weeks I've been shooting without my usual photograph, so you understand it's been delicate and complicated to post a lot. Thankfully, my beloved Vic is arriving this friday so it'll be a whole lot easier! In short, be prepared for some serious work and posting - I won't be posting one or two articles a week, but three and more! As I am leaving for Buenos Aires soon and still didn't figure out how I will take pictures, I want to work as much as possible on LMDC. Do you guys have any idea how I could find a photographer over there? If yes email me anytime.

The event I was attending this Saturday is called the Moorea Cup, which is a golf competition organised by the director of the beach Moorea in St Tropez. Each year my brother and father have been attending it and I have to say it's always a pleasure to participate to the event they organise at night. Waking up at 7am to go play golf, no thanks! I'd rather just come and pick up the trophy. (kidding) Well, that's actually what I do every year.. Anyways, this night is supposed to be one of the funniest nights always finishing with blurred lines for most of the people, which maybe contributes in making it a fun night.

For the event I decided to wear an all black and beige outfit, starring a Zara Romper with details I absolutely love which are the open sides. To not show to much skin and be stared at by everyone I wore underneath a Sisley bandeau. The rest is all neutral, one of my favourite bag from Stella McCartney and the perfect Kurt Geiger summer wedges with fringes. For the "bonus",  you guys know I have a big crush on body jewels - so, instead of wearing bracelets I wear arm bracelet, discrete, stylish and absolutely gorgeous It's my favourite summer style. As I promised, and I always keep my promises: new hair do! No simple untied or tied hair, for the occasion I chose to plaque my hair at the back and you'd be surprised what I used to obtain this wet and solid effect. 

Cropped top, Sisley (similar here)
Jumpsuit, Zara
Wedges, Kurt Geiger
Bracelet, (here)
Bag, Stella McCartney

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