Here it is.. the last post we made in Milan, the exact same day of our departure. It was full of nostalgia and sadness that I left this beautiful and so fashionable city and arrived in my hometown St Tropez, it is full of wonderful memories that I am writing this article...

When I first came to Milan I managed to pack all my cloths in three suitcases, for the way back it was slightly more complicated. In fact, it took me three suitcases, two Ikea bags and 4 shopping bags and finally off we were to south of France. Something you might not know about me is that I am very tidy when moving in somewhere, for 5 months or 5 years my home needs to be cozy and pretty. This is why when leaving I had much more things to take with me, including carpets, vases, covers etc. Crazy? Yes, a bit. But, isn't it normal to want to feel home when not home and most of all comfortable? For me it's one of the most important things, wherever you are, having a nice apartment that you are happy to come back to is the key to a secure and enjoyable life abroad. 

Milan has been so good for me, it made me grow up, be more independent, more confident and thanks god it also improved my Italian. As my first experience without parents I really had to learn how to manage my problems, deal with money and many more things! I am now ready for my next adventure, Argentina - Buenos Aires!  

Now, back to the article!! You might have seen on my Instagram a few pictures of my trip to Foxtown, the biggest outlet I have ever seen located in Switzerland. The concept is as in a typical mall each brand has it's own shop, except in this case it's outlet shops - meaning, from Dolce & Gabbana to Prada, items are at 50% off. Interesting? You bet! I was like a kid going for the first time to Disneyland. There might not be the best items, but you can always find that special something! I am sure you want me to cut the bla bla and tell you what I bought. Well... my first purchase was in the Missoni store that was insanely beautiful and had particularly awesome pieces! Bikinis, dresses, hats.. all gorgeous - but, I really went nuts for the headbands. Their knitted, printed and embroidered textile is one of the most beautiful and my favorite. Light, delicate, colourful and chic - when added on the head they make the perfect summer accessory. 50% off, not one but two were purchased this day. Next stop? Tod's. I've possessed some before but too small I had to give them away, it was then essential for me to buy myself a new pair! Beige, brown, red - classics! But I decided to go nuts once again and buy these gorgeous sea green loafers, they might not go with everything but they really are a wonderful colour for summer and how original?

When coming back home, unpacking my purchases - I noticed that I actually bought two separate items that make the perfect match, without even doing it on purpose! Both headbands and Tod's go perfectly together! The loafers being sea green with shades of white and the headbands containing blue, white and green colours are simply divine when put together. This is why, for the last article in Milan I decided to put both items in a simple yet chic outfit! Wearing a Zara skort with a simple white top.

Headband, Missoni (similar here)
Top, River Island (here) (similar here)
Skort and clutch, Zara (here)
Loafers, Tod's (similar here)

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