Hello there lovelies! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the weekend. I am writing this article home sipping on a fresh smoothie and relaxing, lately I haven't managed to sleep very much as we've been very busy, going out a lot and doing all sorts of tiring stuff... 

Yesterday was just so much fun! An incredible day that I never wanted to end. Might have been because of the lovely weather, the not so cold sea and maybe because we had the incredible chance to see a group of 20-30 dolphins! We were so lucky to witness that, especially in the Mediterranean sea that isn't known for having dolphins, sharks or any sort of big fishes. Knowing that, we stayed maybe 30 minutes following them and trying to catch the perfect picture. 

When sailing theres a certain feeling that you can't find anywhere else. The atmosphere that surrounds you, the sound of the waves and the warm wind that blows your hair in all directions creates a peaceful and relaxing vibe. Being able to travel the sea with your family and friends, jump anytime in the water and so much more is a real blessing - it changes your daily routine for a more exciting and adventurous experience where your feet don't touch the ground anymore and where anything can happen. 

For this occasion, when knowing we were heading on a boat I couldn't help wonder what outfit I could take to shoot there. It was obvious that I wouldn't be wearing heels, uncomfortable dresses nor pants! Said this, I really wanted something natural, discret, in consistency with the location but always chic. In addition, being a long time I didn't do an accessory post I decided to focus on jewels, wearing necklaces, statements and this gorgeous Chanel bracelet I stole in my mom's drawer (let's keep it between us). Less than a meter from the sea a bikini was necessary, but what could I have worn to show of the necklaces without hiding them? this is when came this studded denim jacket from Sandro. To finish the look and maybe help my little eyes from the super strong light of the sun, this Zara hat that I bought a few months ago in Milan was the perfect piece. Wish you guys all a wonderful weekend full of joy and happiness.

Denim Jacket, Sandro (similar here)
Bottom, Revolve Clothing (similar here) and (here)
Bracelet, Chanel (similar here)
Necklaces, Topshop, Shopstyle (similar here)
Sun Hat, Zara (similar here)

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