I am writing this article back in my home town St Tropez and it feels just amazing! I was half sad, half happy when leaving my flat in Milan for a 4 hour drive to my dear South of France, a new story begins.. It was an experience I will never forget, I met wonderful people and had a truly amazing time...

Milan... the city of fashion.. my home for a few months.. It was my first experience abroad without any family members, I thought it would be tough and complicated but it ended up being a pure blast! Between the incredible shopping possibilities, the beautiful language and the nicest people, Milan became one of the city where I am now home. Talking about this I decided to share with you babes in my next post the best adresses of Milan, in short, a little city guide mixing fashion, food and culture. Where to go? What to do? When? No more secrets, you will know everything about Milan.

These pictures were taken during one of our last days there, trying to enjoy every single moment left - Strolling in the city we were amazed by the gorgeous streets Milan has, a mix of antic architecture and modernity. It was the perfect place for one of our last shoots in Italy. Plus! This day marked the end of our exams that we passed and so time to enjoy again. What better than do a new blog post?

It's one of my last looks in Italy and I can't wait to show you the last one that you might have already seen on my instagram. Imagine a warm day, but cloudy. What outfit to wear? For me it is really hard to dress light and short when bad weather, this is why I opted for a Topshop crop top combined with long and high waisted navy pants, bought here. The heels, an evidence - Yves Saint Laurent till the end, their classiness, edginess and style makes any outfit epic! Too dark maybe? Ok. Let's add a gold bag for more colour and light. Better?

Oh, by the way guys! Make sure to visit the website Fashion Addict to see my interview about me, my blog choices, my fashion opinions and much more, Kisses

Crop top, Topshop
Pants, Zara
Heels, Yves Saint Laurent (similar here) and (here)
Body chain, Nastygal (similar here)

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