There's nothing better than being comfy and spending the day in an amusement park! I'm a lucky girl as I managed to combine both in one day. I am writing this article back home in Milan and looking back at these pictures makes me want to go back...

It was our third day in Munich and we had so much fun! I have to say, we've been very busy during  these small holidays and a big part of it includes food, we've been visiting and going to local places that were just beautiful and delicious, I feel full! When I get back to Milan I won't eat for a few days.. Kidding, but I'll definitely go slower on carbs! I've decided to start a super healthy and equilibrated lifestyle as I feel that my skin is breaking out and I often feel tired, yes to fruits and no to chemicals and non organic biscuits, I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

I've heard about this theme park a lot and we had the chance to go there the other day. It was so beautiful and colourful, you'll tell me that all amusement parks look the same everywhere, but I have this impression that in Germany everything is done to the perfection - no mistakes aloud! Between the rides, the typical dishes and the sweets it was such a perfect day, except maybe for the second ride we did, which basically consisted in doing loops vertically, so yes we had our heads facing down and this for minutes. I think I don't have to tell you how we felt after this - just a clue, we sat down for at least an hour - After our stomachs got back together we finally tried some typical german dishes that were delicious! Just thinking about the ride again gives me a stomach ache.. 

No need to say that heels were completely out of the question, excluded, banished for this day! Instead a comfy outfit was more appropriate, which includes these {very} ripped jeans from Zara, one of my favourite one sleeve sweater from Maje that adds this little touch of originality and chic that I love so much and a nude and balck leather jacket that brings some colour to the whole look.

I am so nostalgic seeing all these wonderful pictures, hope to go back soon and maybe with a better weather to enjoy even more! Kiss lovelies X

Jacket, Sandro
Sweater, Maje (similar here)
Jeans, Zara
Pumps, Converse
Bag, Chanel (similar here)

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