Good morning loves! Hope you all had a great week, I have been pretty busy with all the studies but no worries, it's fun time now {well, for the weekend}. I am currently packing for Spain, I can't tell you more as it's a surprise, but you'll definitely hear about it soon...

 I am so excited to be leaving this weekend! (again) I feel like travelling so much recently. Plus, I hate taking pictures in the same places so it's the perfect occasion to do brand new articles! End of this weekends story, you'll hear about it soon enough - Let's talk about this post we shot while doing fruit and flower shopping. There's some days where you just want to feel good and cozy, isn't it true? Well I was in this mood the other day, not wanting anything fancy or uncomfortable and when it's to go fruit and flower shopping let's not look stupid shall we? As you may know my diet has radically changed and I am now becoming a fruit. Kidding, but it might be the case soon. During the week I often try to go fruit and veggie shopping so I don't feel tempted to go get an ice-cream, biscuits or even takeaways. 

Accompanied by my holdall I am ready to hit the market and get this fruit party started! I really feel stupid sometimes, whatever, hope it makes you guys laugh. Holdalls are the best, you could go food, cloths and home shopping everything would still fit, it's like if there's no end in the bag. Even with all my fruits and flower it looks empty, seriously a MUST HAVE bag! I know I said I wanted to be comfy and not wear anything uncomfortable, and yes even said this I am wearing heels - But, technically these are not considered heels as they are low and have a very thick heel; Let's call them comfy sandals. I bought them at the same time I bought my mules at Zara, aren't these gorgeous as well? I absolutely love the golden detail that makes the shoe so Chic yet still a day shoe. 

For the outfit, It is a big jumper and high waisted shorts I opted for. Jean shorts make an outfit straight away casual. Even though they are white and kind of elegant with the buttons and the shape I still felt informally and casually dressed. I don't know if you noticed but I've been inspired by Olivia Palermo for my hair. I've always dreamed of doing this Olivia Palermo hair do, and that's what I tried doing with my low ponytail and creating volume on the upper back of the head. I found it very sophisticated still looking effortlessly casual. What do you guys think?

Jumper, Marks & Spencer (similar here) and (here)
High shorts, Top Shop (similar here)
Sandales, Zara
Bag, Goyard
Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana
Rings, Revolve clothing (similar here)

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