First article back in Milan, were getting close to exams and I just can't wait to be done! School hasn't been such a problem for me and hasn't been keeping me from travelling and having so much fun, as there is no attendance - So, let's just say I've been a bad girl...

I've been seeing mules everywhere these past weeks and I was a bit suspicious and dubious at first, but the more I saw them the more I liked them, till the day I tried my first Chloe mules and fell under the charm. Once you go mules you never go back - trust me! It's the perfect combination of chic and casualness. They don't have a big heel {consequence: you can walk for days in them}, they look gorgeous yet not too spectacular to be evening shoes and finally, they go with anything! Brief, they are the perfect day shoe. Since I got them I've been wearing them quite a lot, I fell in love with the Chloe ones that are very chic and elegant in a beige gold colour, just fabulous - but before investing hundreds in mules I wanted to try them out before. Which brings us to this post, with these Zara mules that I cherish so much. For the price they are definitely a must have!

 I wore an effortless and casual outfit to stroll comfortably and easily in Milan. I am wearing black leather shorts from Revolve Clothing with a very simple grey T-shirt that goes seriously with anything, one of my favourite item from Zadig & Voltaire - this military style blue jacket. Finally, as accessories I chose to change my habits and wear a clutch for once instead of my crossed bags or tremendous holdalls. 

Walking in the centre of Milan and looking at all these young girls, I couldn't help thinking how much things have changed for me and how much I've changed. I used to be this very shy and discrete girl, always avoiding pictures, very insicure and minding bout peoples thoughts. Now, I see myself as this strong woman, confident about herself and her future, careless about what people could think about her and enjoying life as it should be done. As most of the girls I've been treated very bad to not say "bullied" in school and this made me very weak and insecure for many years - until I changed school made real friends, had a boyfriend and here I am now writing to you guys about this part of my life. It makes me so happy and grateful to see myself changed like this, because it's not that easy to go from insecurity to being a confident bitch. Kidding (a bit). 

Let's move on, it is very important for me to keep LMDC a positive and enjoyable destination for all fashion and lifestyle lovers, this is why I never talk negative or about whatever problems I could have. I don't consider this little story as a negative or "dark" part of my life as it made me who I am today, this is why I don't mind sharing it with you guys. To all the girls that lived or that are living the same that I did in high school, don't let others bring you down you have to stay strong and show them who you are! I just discovered this and it would have been very useful to know it then. Much Love X

Jacket, Zadig & Voltaire
T-shirt, Philosophy (similar here)
Shorts, Revolve clothing (here)
Mules, Zara
Clutch, Balenciaga
Middle ring, Omega
Bracelet, Gas

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