Are you guys hungry? because I spent a long time in the kitchen and food is finally ready! It's been long since I did a food post and shared recipes with you guys - I moved and don't have as much to cook delicious things as I had at home in London. But, I changed my lifestyle and food habits and It became a whole lot easier to cook, so here it is...

You are probably wondering why I changed my lifestyle radically, well it's simple, for a few months I've been noticing big changes on my skin and health, I've been ignoring everything thinking it wasn't bad when it actually became really annoying and also dangerous. There were mornings where I woke up with puffy eyes, others where I had sort of allergies on my skin and not to talk about my facial skin that was completely breaking out. This is why, after talking to doctors and dermatologist I figured out that first, I'm an expensive b**ch and second that I have a very fragile immune system and sensitive skin. No breaking news for the sensitive skin, I've always had skin problems since i'm a kid - but for the fragile immune system that was a surprise.

"If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food"

Anyways, you are probably still thinking about the "expensive b**ch", let me explain; Having a sensitive skin means using only good and organic products and you probably know that good products such as Avene, La Roche Posay and similar ones are expensive, well these are the products I now have to use everyday. I used to wear brands that you could find in supermarkets such as Nivea, Garnier and others, but these are actually very very bad for people with a sensitive skin. It's easy, each time I used to clean my face with Nivea wipes I used to get all sort of facial problems, such as, red plaques, puffy eyes and other horrible things. So, to all the girls that know they have a sensitive skin buy only pharmacy products and for the ones that had the same symptoms as me; first, that means you do have a sensitive skin and second, stop using these products straight away! I know it has a cost, but trust me it's worth it! I don't mind spending on these products anymore as it has considerably changed my skin. If you guys would like me to do a post about skin products and show you which ones I use and for what, just tell me.

"It's not about eating less, it's about eating well"

Regarding the health, well what you put on you and what you put inside you is the same. Meaning, putting good creams will help your skin be brighter, more elastic and prettier as eating healthy will do exactly the same! My first step was changing all my beauty products. My second one is eating clean and organic. It's my second week eating healthy and I feel so good, I know the whole "eating healthy" thing might sound cheesy but seriously if you hear it that much that means it's true. I've been ignorant and careless about the famous saying: "what you put in your body will have an impact on your health", but now that I am doing it I realise how much it actually changes your mood, skin, confidence and obviously body. Just to be clear, I am not doing this to get any skinnier, I have always liked my body how it is, I just want a better lifestyle and it starts in your plate.

Here are a few snack ideas I made to show you guys how eating clean can be delicious! Let me know what you think, Enjoy X

1. Greek yoghurt and fruit toasts

I love having these whole wheat biscotte along with a salad or even on it's own at four when we are a little hungry. It is so easy and simple to make, all you need is one table spoon of fat free greek yoghurt that is so fresh and delicious accompanied with any fresh fruits you like - I used avocado, bananas and strawberries as they are my three favourite fruits. {yes avocados are fruits for those who are doubting}. I am so addicted to avocados, I always have a side of them with any dish - they are full of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats.

2. Quinoa, spinach and fruit parfait

I've been inspired from frozen yoghurts to do this snack as I am a huge fan of froyos. It can be a delicious snack as a great starter, I personally love this parfait as a side.

As the previous snack and as I promised: very easy to make. I started by putting at the bottom of my glass cold quinoa that I previously cooked and left to rest, followed by 0% fresh cream that I toped with avocados, spinach, more cream, strawberries and again avocados. {told you I was an avocado freak}

3. Power salad

Lentille, quinoa, spinach and tomatoes. Could we do any healthier? Plus as topping I used lemon, mustard, vinegar and a drop of olive oil. Looks maybe too simple and too healthy but I swear it's a pure pleasure to eat! It's a perfect combination of crunchy, soft and sweet.

4. Only fruits aloud

An other of my favourite snack is this fresh fruit plate that is pure pleasure to eat. I chose a mix of my most loved fruits, of course you can change for any. A plate like this makes you ten times more full than a muffin or a cookie, just think about it - A plate of fresh fruits like this has less than a 100 calories whereas a muffin or cookie has three to four times more. What do you prefer now? Plus, in each of these fruits there is tons of vitamins A, B, C, healthy fats and proteins that give you the perfect natural energy you need for the day.

If you guys found these fruits acid and not easy to eat {like Vic} then, add a bit of honey on top of that and you should find your pleasure! Fact, Honey is a natural sugar that is much more healthy than using caster sugar. So, whenever you feel tempted to have sugar, with your tea, yoghurt, cereals or whatever you are eating - just think about my tip and add some honey, NOT SUGAR!

Why not add a cup of green tea to spice it up?

5. Melon, only melon

One of my favourite treats is eating half of a melon with a spoon. There is nothing more simple, more fast and more delicious! After a long day at work it's pure pleasure to have something so fresh and sweet yet super healthy!

Melons are full of water which helps the digestion and contain vitamin A and C. Vitamins A, will help you have bright teethes and skin; Vitamins C, is a great antioxidant and great to maintain health of the body.

6. Fried zucchini

One word, miam! This is the perfect snack to have if you are craving chips or any type of salted/oily food. All you need is a pan, a drizzle of olive oil and an aubergine, put everything together for a few minutes and ta daaa! Sweet sweet aubergines.

"Full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre and with the potential to lower cholesterol and help manage weigh" 

One other benefit that I am sure will make you jump outside to go buy them, aubergines are high in fibre and low in fat, dreamy or what? It is the perfect snack or even side to go with any meat.

7. Morning delights

It has been proved that the less you eat in the morning the less you'll be hungry during the day {FACT}. It's all a question of stomach getting bigger in the morning as you eat. Well, even though we have to eat less, doesn't mean we can't eat good, no?

I made this little granola yoghurt with a yoghurt pot I cleaned and reused for this recipe. It is amazing what you can do with so little ingredients! I chose to put in my pot: 0% yoghurt, a thick textured berry smoothie, raspberries and topped it with yummy granolas.

If it's not enough for you {I totally understand}, you can always add on the side almonds. In the long long list of Almond benefits there's a few that you will definitely be interest into. Such as: Skin benefits - Which we love! More than that, almonds are full of manganese, copper and riboflavin (unknown words? Stay with me), these three characteristics are made to boost your energy which is perfect when you are on the go. A handful of almonds can get you through the day without filling you up and most importantly without calories or fat

"Don't forget, junk food satisfies you for a minute, feeling good is for life"

Bon appétit! 

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