Hello everyone! It's one of my last days in France and I am enjoying every single seconds. It's been very grey for a while but surprisingly today is one of the most sunny days ever! Around 22 degrees I didn't need more to try on my lovely print shorts...

Two days left in this paradise that is my home in south of France, the terrace is one of my favorite spot of the house, mostly because of the pool and the amazing view I just can't get enough of.
I can't imagine myself going back to Milan and study again! It feels so good to be here and be able to get some colours and see all my loved ones. Except Vic as he abandoned me here to go in sunny Spain and have fun without me! Just kidding, he's being very calm and well-behaved, nothing to worry about. 

I've been here for already 10 days and I still didn't go to St Tropez, I've been staying in an other town right next to it called Ste Maxime only 20 min away by car! St Tropez is like the party town in summer whereas, Ste Maxime is more calm and for older people. I know it can be boring and it is, especially in winter when everything is closed - This is why I am so grateful to be living in such amazing towns as London and Milan. 

This leaves us with the pictures and today's outfit, that is one of my favs during my stay here. The perfect combo of chic and sexy. How gorgeous are these print shorts? The different shades of pink and purple are just splendid and the little fringes around add a touch of natural and easy. To break the casualty and simplicity of these shorts I wanted to wear a top that was more chic and formal, and this pastel shirt matching the shades of the short was just perfect. The last but not the least: the shoes. It might be the most complicated piece of an outfit and especially when wearing bright and original colours as I am wearing - because, it excludes black, grey, white and other classic colours. Leaving us with dark purple, nude or pink which we might not all have in our closet! So, what I did is take very thin and natural heels to let the outfit stand out and au contraire make the shoes very discrete. 

Shirt, See by Chloé (similar here)
Shorts, Pilyq
Heels, Zara
Bag & Bracelets, Vintage 
Sunnies, Ray Ban

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