We all heard about the boyfriend jeans, but why does no one talk about the boyfriend shirts? I admit it may seem hard to wear as it's big from.. well - EVERYWHERE! But that's the trick, we can use our boyfriend shirts in so many ways you don't know... 

Today's article and pictures are focusing on this very manly shirt I fell in love with. As i said before, it seems hard to wear, but absolutely not, it's the opposite! Let me explain, These shirts are made to look very casual and make an effortless outfit. You can use these shirts to break a very formal and chic outfit, such as a sequin short or skirt (as I wore for the Louis Vuitton event) or even a classic pant. The scope of wearing a boyfriend shirt is to look cool but at the same time stylish, how do we do that? Choose a bottom you love, let's say a short skirt with sequins, take your boyfriend or dad's shirt (if not you can buy very cheap ones that do the same effect) and try it with the skirt, either put it inside or half in half out - you just need to find your style! I personally found mine, I love the inside out style, putting half of the shirt in and the other letting it hang out. 

For todays article I decided to wear my Benetton shirt without nothing, just as a dress and using my denim jacket as a "belt" so that it doesn't look to loose. If you guys have a similar shirt you can totally wear the same look without the jacket, just take a large belt and it will do the trick. Also, if you want this outfit to look more formal and party like, just exchange the converse, flats or whatever you are wearing for heels. It looks just fabulous and effortlessly stylish, trust me - I tried. 

Isn't this place just amazing? Vic and I were walking when we saw this fountain and this little bridge crossing over, It looked to cool to not take pictures here. You may be wondering: why is she outside when she is supposed to be in exam? It's simple, I had a few problems with the registration for the exam, so I actually don't have my midterm that was normally tomorrow. I feel so relieved! - I still have one saturday though, wish me luck X

Shirt, Benetton
Jacket, H&M (similar here)
Shoes, Converse
Bag, Louis Vuitton (similar here)
Sunnies, Vintage (similar here) or (here)
Jewels, Top Shop

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