Au revoir! Already back in Milan, this article was made during one of my last days in France. I had such a beautiful time there with my family & friends, can't believe I'm already back in rainy Italy and have to work and study again...

My last days in South of France were really intense as before leaving I really wanted to get a little tan and at the same occasion enjoy the terrace, sun beds and view (as I can't in Milan..). I did get a little tan but in a couple of days It's actually hard to say! I always take more time to tan from the face when for my body it goes really fast, in a couple of hours at the sun I already get some colour. I feel so lucky, because staying on a sun bed all day to get some sort of a tan would be horrible for me, I just can't stay more than an hour still on the sun bed tanning - too much work for me. Kidding, It's just so boring and tiring and I have so much energy to give that it just doesn't work.

I've never been a huge lover of Kimono's but when I saw this one I thought straight away that it could look really good in a summer outfit! Plus, as you may know and I definitely have in mind -  I'll be living in Buenos Aires from august to december so, summer outfits became a must for me as I'll be in summer not for 3 but for 7 months. As we are not fully in summer yet I decided to wear with my kimono a jean rather than shorts or skirts. To go with them i chose to wear a very light and cute top that my mom used to wear when she was my age, the details and work on the top are truly amazing. Finally, for the shoes I am wearing my fav Isabel Marant boots and for the bag my precious Chanel red bag. Regarding the accessories I opted for discrete yet stylish jewels, very bohemian style. 

See you guys back in Milan for my next post! Let me know what you think about this outfit - much love! X

Kimono, Zara
Top, Vintage
Jeans, Please (similar here) or (here)
Bag, Chanel

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