Ciao bella Italia! Happy to be back in the city of fashion even though I miss a lot south of France. Hallelujah, today the sun decided to come out and it felt like the beginning of summer again, after spending my days in shorts and light pants in St Tropez I seriously could not have took out the big jumpers again... 

Second day back in Milan and I just can't get back to work, feels like I've just came back from a 2 months vacation! So, to continue in my "not working" mood Vic and I decided to go for a walk in the centre. While strolling in the little streets around Via Montenapoleone, we quickly saw a very nice and romantic restaurant hidden from all the noise and crowd of the city. Called il Salumaio di Montenapoleone, the restaurant has based his menu on classics of the italian cuisine; such as Prosciutto melone, Risotto alla milanese, Escalope milanese and all sort of delicious and {not very light} dishes. One advise if you guys want to go eat there, make sure to bring the boyfriend or the parents as it is €€. Kidding! Just go with whoever and have a delicious meal worth the price.

After a delicious lunch and a long walk, was time to go home. But first! Let me take a selfie, and that's what we did, lot's and lot's of "selfies" which brings us to this post and especially this outfit. To choose my outfit for the day I had to check a few things; First, the weather; then, where we were heading and finally but most importantly, the degrees. After checking all of these crucial details I chose to wear a long sleeve crop top I bought last year on Asos, It was the perfect top for the day as It was warm but not warm enough to wear tank tops. Then, shorts or jeans? Seeing people still wearing coats, I knew I would look stupid in shorts but as it was such a beautiful weather I chose light white pants. To not show completely my belly to the world I had only a few options, either wear a jacket/jumper or tie a shirt around my waist - It wasn't complicated to choose, right?

The shoes, always the shoes, they might seem horrible to walk in and they are (a bit) but the beautifulness and chicness of these beauties from Yves Saint Laurent make me sacrifice the comfort of my feet each time. Finally, I know what you guys might be wandering, do my bags come to me in eggs. Well.... not exactly, I do not have a magic luxurious chicken that lays Chanel bag eggs, how cool would that be though!?? but I do have a beautiful and so stylish mom that doesn't mind lending me some of her most amazing pieces. And how gorgeous is this bag? This Chanel called accordion bag was part of the cruise collection 13/14 and is just the perfect summer bag in my opinion!

Have a great week, much love.

Top, Asos (similar here)
Pants, Zara (similar here)
Heels, Yves Saint Laurent (similar here)
Bag, Chanel
Rings, Top Shop (similar here)
Lucky bracelet, from brazil (vintage)

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